Jan 282013

Back in the early days of YouTube, surprise drive-thru raps performed by the customers seemed to be a trend everyone was getting into. It’s been years since that trend died down, and now online hip-hop artist M.r. B. is bringing the fad back.

He and his fellow Belmont University peers drove down to their local Wendy’s and performed a bangin‘ hip-hop food order at the drive-thru. Not only did the clerk get the entire order perfectly, but the crew loved the music so much, they gave them their meal for free.

Now, his new video Wendy’s Drive-Thru Rap has gone viralviral, appearing on Today, Smosh, and DailyWhat


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  1. Hell yah! Mr. B my main man blake mankin from HS made this shit and hea absolutely a lyrical genius! Get with it, cuz hes bout to make it big!!!!!

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