Jan 272013

In an interesting turn of events, Wonderful Pistachios has hired top YouTuber Ryan Higa to star in a Super Bowl-themed YouTube video with a sub-focus on the green nut lobby. 

The video Best Super Bowl Commercial hints that Ryan was supposed to star in an actual Super Bowl ad, but may have been shelved to feature Gangnam Style creator PSY instead.


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  1. This is hilarious! I normally don’t look at the teasers, since I like to be shocked and surprised by the ad spots, but this one looked too good to pass up. I’ll be watching the Super Bowl live, but since most of my shows are on during primetime, during the time I’m working at DISH, I just DVR them. I don’t actually watch many commercials at all anymore, since I usually get home so late. If I watch my PTAT recordings the next day, I can use my DISH Hopper’s AutoHop feature to automatically skip over the ads. It saves me a ton of time going through my playlist, and lets me sit back and relax uninterrupted for a change!

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