22. Jan 13 - 10:08

Audi Automatically Drives Into Parking Garage And Perpendicular Parks

While so many other car makers are working diligently to program their vehicles to ‘self-parallel park,’ Audi has quietly been taking things to the next level. 

In this two week old video by You Car Press, Audi showcases their new self-parking technology that puts other luxury near-autopilot systems to shame. 

A woman pulls up to a parking garage, puts her Audi in park, and step out. Then with just a few simple smartphone swipes, she commands her vehicle to self-park, and walks away. 

In a scene that just ten years ago would be dubbed science fiction, the Audi turns back on, carefully rolls into the parking garage, and reverse-perpendicular parks just as well or better than any person could. All entirely controlled by computer.

The future is finally here. It’s just taking a while to load.


One Comment

  1. Lesley Davis says:

    I am more impressed with the fact the remote could reach the car inside the car park. My phone can’t even get a signal in the supermarket, and that has much less concrete!

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