Jan 032013

Santiago Gonzalez is not your average teenager. For one thing, he’s in college, set to graduate at the tender age of just 16 years old.

Instead of being ‚addicted‘ to using online apps like Facebook and Twitter, Santiago is making apps and programs for others to enjoy. He doesn’t talk to girls, and speak in hip hop. Instead, he is fluent in a dozen different programming languages.

Thnkr TV has showcased the young computer genius in the latest episode of their PRODIGIES series


  3 Responses to “14 Year Old Prodigy Computer Programmer Santiago Gonzalez Dreams In Code”

  1. He could write down aplication for 3d graphic for mac platform like 3ds max.I believe that this young guy could write his own programm

  2. Max OSX will need a lot of proper programss to be similar to windows,of course there is a virtuall platform called: Parallels Desktop 9 : This tool will allow users to install windows 7 operating system on a mac machine

  3. Also The Mac Osx machines performs much better than standard PC: I didn’t have yet my gaming mac rig,because Mac pro is quite expensive at the moment,i have AMD FX 8350 gaming with with windows 8 pro.
    I cannot complaint about that,this has a very powerfull processor which calculates most of the task very fast,also usage of the processor is very low at the basic level

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