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Parenting definitely has its pains and difficulties, but it also comes with a few perks. Like the right to torture your rambunctious kids into thinking they royally screwed up after messing around on your Ebay account. 

Paula Papen’s 8 year old son was playing with her iPad and accidentally almost bid on a $50,000 Ford Mustang. Just a little more than his allowance could afford.

Mom immediately knew the bid didn’t go through, but she didn’t want to lose her chance to scare her baby a little to teach him a lesson. 


Some think her prank went too far, while others love it! What do you think?


  One Response to “Mom Scares 8 Year Old Son To Think He Just Bought A $50,000 Car On Ebay”

  1. I thought this was really pretty funny. I have tricked my 12 year old sooo many times about alot of things, Even to believing that our family is made up of all vampires & werewolves! So, to the people criticizing her parenting skills…well, all I have to say is…Go raise your own kids & we will see who has the most well rounded kids in the end I guess, and if she or I lose, well we are the ones who will have the therapy bills in our future…not you!!!!

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