Nov 142012

 is one of the older popular YouTube channels, yet they still continue to churn out popular viral videos. For their latest, they focus on the upcoming holidays. Specifically, how to open a beer bottle without an opener. 

The topic has been covered countless times before, but learning six more ways to access your slippery suds without an opener can’t hurt. Now, the new video is going viral, and is covered on Gizmodo, CollegeHumor, LaughingSquid, and BroBible.


  One Response to “Six Ways To Open Beer Bottle Without An Opener”

  1. Oh yeah, plan on drinking beer this holiday like millions of other people.
    Don’t know if it is a great idea to try some of these ideas when you are drunk.
    It could land you in the hospital er with a deep laceration to the hand.
    Love the channel, they always have good videos.

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