Nov 142012

Math nerd Richard Wiseman at  just published this ‚How Predictable Are You?‚ interactive video, and it is quickly starting to trend.

With the screen covered with nine tiles, Richards claims he can predict which point you will have chosen if you follow his instructions. And he’s right every time!

Counter to what many people believe, the trick is not psychology, but rather simple math based on odd or even. 


  8 Responses to “How Predictable Are You Interactive Game”

  1. I chose the house so I had to stop.

  2. nop, u didnt guess it man ^^
    u did it wrong at the third prediction

  3. I predicted that you were going to pick the smiley face…so I avoided it at all costs.

  4. I BEAT HIM!! On The Third One. 🙂

  5. I won. You suck, bald man.

  6. Man I never thought about it liek that dude, makes a lot of sense.

  7. didn’t even know what is going on till the smiley face bit

  8. i didn’t land on the house as he predicted 🙁 is that mean i am not normal?

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