Nov 122012

The thing about most viralviral Gangnam Style music video parodies is that the majority just perform the famous horse trot dance with the familiar music blasting in the background and that’s it.

The content creators who really push the envelope are the ones who made their own lyrics for the song.

And Long Island hit music station 106.1 BLI is one of them. They made this genius Long Island Power Authority spoof of the KPop mega hit with their own relevant lyrics, all pertaining to the recent mass power outages due to hurricane Sandy. Naturally, the music video is instantly going viral! 


  2 Responses to “LIPA Style – Long Island Power Authority Gangnam Style Parody Music Video”

  1. Love it – You guys did an EXCELLENT job! I liike it better than the original song – I dont even know what that guy is saying!

  2. i dont like this song is funny with the kid

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