Nov 082012

After winning the presidential election, the Obama team held the celebration in Chicago where the president was going to give his presidential acceptance speech.

When he first came on stage, he also brought the entire First Family. While waving to the crowd, adorable Sasha reminded her dad to, „look behind you,“ so the crowd behind them could get a wave or two from the Obama family. And Obama listened.

The girl who could tell the president of the United States what to do…   


  18 Responses to “Sasha Obama Tells Her Father ‚Look Behind You‘ At Presidential Acceptance Speech, And He Does”

  1. smart kid with good instincts..

  2. Wow, Thats awesome, well raised kid no doubt!

  3. I noticed that on TV that evening ( or should I say yesterday morning) and reran it again last night to get a confirmation from hubby. Well that’s a very sharp and observant little girl with very good manners. Kudos to the parent and granny 🙂

  4. fuckin niggers

  5. fu.k nigg.r

  6. this is news?

    wow, slow day

  7. Oh whoop dee do! This is desperate news for sure. I bet ya he even farts once in a while too.

  8. The best advice 🙂

  9. The people bitching that this isn’t news obviously voted for Romney. Get over it, sore losers. Your brand lost. Don’t let your sorry, miserable lives infect others.

  10. Rmoney woudlnt have bothered to turn around, because that was the other 47%

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