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Chris Rock’s Message To White Voters

Chris Rock is a huge Obama fan, and with the election tighter than ever, decided to team up with  to star in this hilarious ‘message to white voters.’ Chris explains to the American Caucasian majority that in desperate times like these, you need a white president

That’s why Rock wants you to vote for Barack Obama, the first black president that is actually a lot more white than most people realize. Already, the brand new video has over 1.2 million views, and is further featured on Slate, TheBlaze, HuffingtonPost, and HollywoodReporter



  1. tobi rhonda shaw rusk says:

    im very affended by this vidio, why just aimed at white people, not to mention the fact obamas white ,arab, with a pinch of black, and who said we wanted a white president ,we just want some one that will do a good job. simple as that. the man let 4 people die on his watch if people seen him as white he would have been carried out of the white house tarred and feathered, you think your being funny well your not, its not all about the color of his skin its about what he has gotten away with while in office, so you celebs need to step off those soap boxes and get over your damned selves,go back to what your good at and entertain us white folk,because you cant get any more racist than this.vidio,

    • Steve says:

      Oh for Gods sake…how many people died on Bushs watch? Not counting 9-11 there were 53 embassy workers killed and 11 embasies attacked.

      Where was your moral oytrage then?

    • LincolnitePatriot says:

      Steve, I am afraid you are trying to compare apples to oranges when you try and articulate that Obama’s deriliction of duty is slight in comparison to Bush. Nice try though and it sounded good, but none the less very ill informed and moot in comparison. Find your real facts on the government’s own web site. This would be helpful. Then consider the fact that we were not at war with Libya, our embassy’s request for security prior to 9-11 went unanswered, a Navy Seal who went against a stand down ordered saved many lives while calling for assistance for more than sever hours…wouldn’t you like to see the war room photos while they were sitting there watching that? Plus they murdered our consulate in the streets! Now wouldn’t you think that in a Muslim uprising this president would have had foresight to have extra security…. Just because we were approaching 9-11? Obama is great I would say he is better than Houdini and all of the mice follow the pied piper without question…. You can be a blathering liberal and question this if you support our troops in anyway… But only fools point to bad behaviors with more bad behaviors…. Classic Obama though!

    • madeofwords says:

      typical “offended” white person comment, chris rock is being sarcastic, don’t be so overly sensitive and dramatic. chris rock is making a good damn point.

    • Johnnie D says:

      You can’t even spell “video,” toast for brains. I’d say that white people, like this commenter, need a better education under Obama’s presidency, not Reagan’s and Bush’s.

    • Ken Jones says:

      How exactly did you get “affended”??? Was it an injury suffered in service to our country overseas? Nah, probably just another idiot trying to sound smart…Let’s go to the judge’s scorecard on this one – – EPIC FAIL!!!

  2. donny says:

    This is offensive. Notice Jimmy didnt do satire with a white person giving a message for a white candidate for “Black People” .

  3. Ed says:

    There are people commenting on how ‘offended’ they are about this vid? Seriously? I’ve got to assume they’re either just trolling, for which I apologize to all for being so clueless as to feeding the trolls, or that they’re even more clueless than I am for being so unaware that their hair-trigger defensive remarks only show how deeply racist they actually are.

    As for the video itself, I’ve always liked Chris Rock. He and Ali Leroi brought us, “Everybody Hates Chris,” a really smart comedy series using over-the-top stereotypes to make insightful social commentaries.

  4. YenMooo says:

    Dude makes a whole lot of sense man, Wowo.


  5. fsum242 says:

    Hilarious! Still voting for Romney. Can’t let $8T just go wayside and not down for “everybody healthcare” including illegals! But gotta love CR and pus-boy Jimmy!

  6. Vetlem says:

    Lmfao….this was hilarious…lol

  7. Beth D says:

    LOL……damn liberal dems. Hey they can say all they want, I am always going to be white and they are definitely always going to be black. They have and always will make it an issue of race, I could care less if Obama was pink, purple, green, yellow or an alien, he is still a horrible president, the worst in history, he is outta here!! Welcome Mr President Mitt Romney, the 2nd Reagan generation, Money is going to flow in this country, we are going to become very strong leaders on this planet again!! Romney.Ryan 2012

  8. Chris is absolutely right, the president Obama is the most white black guy i ever seen hahahaha.. Hilarious… Chris humor is black hahaha i adore him….

  9. michelle says:

    This is not funny. Why is this kind of talk okay coming from a black guy? It’s unexceptable. We need step up and stop laughing this shit off. If this came from a white guy stating “Message to black voters. It’s okay to vote Romney because…” There would be an outrage from the black community. Why should this be any different?

  10. therestoftheworld says:

    either you have a sense of humor and you get it (feel free to self-back-pat here)…. or you just don’t. if you are part of the latter group, i’m so sorry.

  11. ssheckmann says:

    HEY chris, Thanks for constantly reminding me why I do not like you !!!

  12. Chris Rock is funny if you like his white man humor. I hope he’s still making people laugh when the economy gets worse. I see devisiveness in all of this political humor. Too bad cause he makes millions being funny, but in middle America we pay so many taxes that we can barely make ends meet.

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