Okt 062011

For many kids, a trip to Disneyland is the epitome of fun and happiness. But most kids can’t go and are stuck with just dreams of a Disney vacation. Lucky for Lily, her parents are about to fulfill her dream. Lily is about to turn six years, and as a surprise, her mom packed her a week early birthday present backpack. She found a bunch of fun stuff inside, but only after she saw everything did mom tell her it was for a Disney trip they were taking today. Lily breaks down in tears of happiness. Disney, you have succeeded again. The video is shared by DonnaD and VideoGum


  2 Responses to “Six Year Old Breaks Down After Disneyland Surprise”

  1. Aqui .. foi muito comentado esse vídeo!!!

  2. linda, qta emoção, aqui esse vídeo foi muito comentado !!

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