Jun 062011

Sung Bung Choi  is 22 years old now, but he’s had a very difficult life. He ran away from the orphanage where he lived, because he was beaten and had to live on the streets. He says he wants to sing, but he’s not that good of a singer. Let’s just say he’s humble. You know you did something right when you make the audience and the judges cry.


  6 Responses to “Homeless Boy Wows Judges On Korea’s Got Talent”

  1. I *think* that’s Nella Fantasia by Chiara Ferraù that he’s singing. Amazing…

  2. He’s like….straight out of an anime or something, the story and his talent together are surreal

  3. Sorry, but that kid was never homeless. First of all, he has perfectly straight teeth. On the bottom. Braces. Second, he’s clearly a classically trained singer. He even says „I’m not a good singer“. Please.

    • ya know some people are born with natural talent.. ive seen it my own self.. i know a kid, 7 years old who has never taken guitar lessons and can out play me.. and ive been playing for about 10 years.. and ive never had braces and i still have perefclty strait teeth…. and plus he could be homeles.. all in all it doesnt matter this kid has got great talent… so quit hateing on the kid just cuz he has amazing talent

    • Take your hatred somewhere else. Just because he’s humble about not being a good singer doesn’t mean he’s a liar. Not everyone is American is rushes out to brag about stupid shit like your perfectly straight braced up teeth.

  4. His voice sound „autotuned“.

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