Mrz 312011

For April Fools, made a double shocking video. First, as they usually do, an actor went on the NYC subway. He was dressed as Jar Jar Bink and started bothering a big New Yorker. Bad idea. For the kicker part, the big guy doesn’t think it’s fun being bothered and attacks. All hell breaks loose and the video is cut short by Charlie from Improv Everywhere saying that the Jar Jar Bink actor is pressing charges and there’s a serious situation on their hands.

Come on guys, It’s April 1st, and it’s YouTube. The ‚attackers‘ are all actors too. That’s the whole gag of the video. There’s not a second of doubt that this is not fake. Obviously, they are hoping it will go viral by saying spread the video, and it’s already on it way.

Update: Hate to say I told you so, but…

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