Jan 172011

It’s so cold outside, that when you throw boiling water into the air, it instantly turns into fog. Science is awesome.

Here’s the same trick in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s about -30 degrees F, and by throwing boiling water, it instantly turns into a cloud of vapor.

  5 Responses to “Throwing Boiling Water In Canada”

  1. That’s not science—that’s nature. Science would be how you explain it (& the test of your explanation, if it came to that).

  2. @F.Lagnab: The world hates people like you.

  3. @Anonymous: Congrats, you just made the Most Ignorant Comment of the Year!

  4. Snowball fight anyone?

  5. Isn’t that water crystallizing? I don’t see how really cold weather would make it evaporate. That just looks like a mist of fine ice particles to me.

    Someone explain?

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