04. Oct 10 - 4:47

Homeless Man And Two Kermit The Frogs Singing Under Pressure

This guy makes the best of what he has. He’s got no home, but two Kermit puppets, and a boom box playing Under Pressure. Viral video ensues. His signs read: Family in need with 2 kids, Homeless and out of work, anything helps. I feel for this guy. The least can do is help pass this video along, and make him the next Internet super star.

One Comment

  1. Artie Aardvark says:

    News flash, genius – the guy’s not homeless. He calls this a “performance”. (Me, I call it an idiot waving two socks around). In other words, he’s duped a lot of people who are perhaps a little too easily impressed (not to mention, entertained). Do your research next time, sweets.

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