05. Sep 10 - 21:57

FAKE Viral Video Of Girl Scared, Runs And Is Hit By Car

A group of friends try to scare their friend Rachel. When she turns around one friend in a mask says boo, and she screams. Rachel runs out of the house in fright and is hit by a car. The girl taking the video cries Rachel, and the man driving the car gets out screaming I never saw her.

Obviously, it’s–as they say online–Fake! The YouTube community is not happy with this video and it’s mislabeling.

This was made by a marketing firm and has been successful as being a fake grassroots viral video. Everything about this video is fake.

What do you think? Can you prove it’s real??



  1. AJ says:

    FAKE: type “Debunking Girl Dies” into youtube. It’s a viral marketing ploy for a film company

  2. Kate says:

    I’m not saying you’re wrong (I don’t know…. the video looks pretty real…) but if it’s a marketing ploy for a filming company where’s the payoff? There’s no ad for a film, no credits etc. How are they benefitting from the video if nobody knows they made it?

    Search for “debunking girl dies” on YouTube. I did, and there’s a video of a guy “debunking” the video as a fake. Gis proof? If it was real, YouTube would have taken it off. That’s his only “proof” that it’s fake. Well, guess what, YouTube HAVE taken it off.

    So – does anyone actually know FOR A FACT whether this video is real or fake?

  3. Heather says:

    The video is fake. It is a viral marketing ploy. The Rachael in the video is a Cindy Vela you can find her information on her facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cindy-Vela/49938117634

    • Kimberly says:

      i think it is fake because they she gets ran over.horazontaly then some how she ends up vertical. Now how is it posible for that to happen!!!!!!! Yon know what i mean.

  4. somebody says:

    The reality, it’s fake.

  5. Rachel says:

    It’s fake. I was that girl.
    …haunting pranksters and you tonight.

  6. jeff says:

    It is fake. The camera the blonde girl is holding required her to place it close to her eye. At that moment anybody in panic will stop filming and go on rescue mode.

  7. louie says:

    i like how some ppl are so gullible as to believe anything they see on the internet, just b/c it doesn’t have credits or a film ad etc doesn’t mean shit anymore these days. viral campaigns are the new fad these days… and if it was real it be all over the news, and these “pranksters” would of been taken into the authorities for involuntary man slaughter. oh and the car bumper wasn’t even dented.

  8. Cindy Vela says:

    Guys… i dont have any idea.. but the girl really looks like me…

  9. lindsay says:

    Fuck u all…………………..suck my boobes …….cant u see dat gal has awesome boobies see dat n see dat n shag urself hehe

  10. Chris R says:

    how many times do you need to say fake and GAY? like, is the video attracted to it’s own sex or something? intelligent choice of words…

  11. Dna says:

    Cindy Vela (the “dead” girl) herself wrote on her facebook profile that this is a small 4 minute role and that its fake you can all stop debating now

  12. Mondo says:

    If you’re going to “debunk” something, at least make sure your “evidence” is correct. The person behind the drive of the car is not holding a camera, it is the man who supposedly scared her out of the house in the first place. His hands are on his head in disbelief. Look at the ridiculously ugly pants and green cut off t-shirt for proof. Also – watch the extended version of the video, where they don’t cut it off so soon – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKjsUL-escE
    Now, this isn’t an argument that the video is real, just pointing out that your evidence is wrong.

  13. Lory says:

    Its not with camera its that man , that scared the girl . with that glasses look better next time :P, the hat give u that impresion

  14. PCDT3 says:

    i think its fake ,when they run up and film her under the car ( which any normal person would have dropped the camera ) you can see her body is behind the front tire and seems undamaged.also by the way she went under the car why is she leaning of to the side? idk

  15. Patrick McNamara says:

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.. this is the actresses who played the “dead girl” face book page. She has a whole photo album dedicated to the making of the video.. people are so gullible to believe this stuff. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cindy-Vela/49938117634?ref=ts

  16. Lonsdale says:

    On the response video, the guy standing behind the guy driving the car isint a guy with a camera thats the guy that scared Racheal initially. If you pause the video when the driver says “i never really saw her” the guy standing behind him has the same color shirt as the guy who scared the girl. So believe its real. And loking at the blood under the head of the body on the floor. Looks real to me. The camera was probably strapped on to the girls hand which is probably why she never dropped the camera and ran to rescue.

  17. Carrie says:

    It’s fake, the actress playing “Claudia:” in it has a facebook page and has posted several times that it was an acting job, not marketing. She has also posted the long version, short version, etc of the video. Here’s her link – see for yourself. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cindy-Vela/49938117634

  18. Jade says:

    Probably fake… i can’t see you tube allowing someone to post the actual death of someone online… the family would be suing somebody by now… the payoff is simple… if you can get a video to go viral on you tube, you can too can get paid… most hits means most expensive ads, which means the most payout for the person who posted the video…

  19. Jennifer says:

    If this is a marketing ploy, they did a great job in grabbing the attention of Youtube community!

  20. Bob The Magical Wizard says:

    pretty good but the girl litterally disappears when shes getting hit also what the guy in the second video said theres a guy with a camera

  21. Bob The Magical Wizard says:

    also i cant see any blood on the girl and the reason they didnt drop the camera- it had a strap
    and one more thing why does everyone have to say fake its obviously fake

  22. Anonymous says:

    scared me to death when i saw at first but watchin it a second time i had my doubts it was real..u can actually achieve this using Adobe AfterEffects.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ok seriously hit pause rapid ly when the girl with the camera gets behind the car, behind the man screaming i didnt see her is a camera man, there would be no guy running after a guy seeing if he will hit a igrl that was scared because of a masked man.

  24. tthoen says:

    Sir, how is it not fake? If a human being is hit at that force and speed, your windpipe cannot properly eject screams; it’ll sound broken and more like a gag. When a vehicle hits a body, you can look this up, the vehicle will bump up. This car? Does not do that. Now, for voice projection! When she has already ran out of the house, her voice is still nearly the same exact volume as it was when the initial scare began. Plus, it echoed as if she was still inside of the building. Also, the woman is an actress. I did my homework.

  25. Lidia Dennu says:

    it’s so fake!!!! if it was real, they wouldn’t post this video online…it would just be wrong. anyways, i think it’s just a prank. lol, my mom tottally freaked out when i showed her this video…it looked like she just saw a ghost with a bloody knife. it’s been a week, and she’s still scared. i think it’s about time i told her it’s fake. wish me luck!!!! lol. peace out

  26. isabel says:

    the guy that you think that has a camera is the guy with the mask, he was putting his hands on his head because he was shocked… he doesn’t have a camera… look carefully… it looks real

  27. Gabriel says:

    that looks real…. the “cameraman” is just the guy taking off his mask things like this happen

  28. Gabriel says:

    that looks real…. the “cameraman” is just the guy taking off his mask things like this happen!

  29. john says:

    u suck hahahahahaahahahahaahahahaha looosers ive seen u look like my shit ok hahahaha motherfuckers kiss my diorehea pooo all day long

  30. D'range says:

    If this were real, these would be the worst friends EVER for allowing that vid to see the light of day. I personally would rather go down for the charge of destroying evidence rather than glamorize the death of a friend, let alone a death for which I was responsible. That aside, it’s fake. No auto damage, minimal apparent gore (getting run over at that angle tends to extrude internal organs out the mouth like a tube of toothpaste) and try to tell me she didn’t notice her friend hiding with the camera, right before she turned towards the guy. One more thing: News items? Accident reports? Death certificate? My guess to all of these is no. Oh, and apparently Rachel’s real name is Cindy Vela, actress. Nice try, though!

  31. ANON says:

    If the reasoning behind the video being fake is the “guy in the background with a camera” behind the driver of the car, then that is wrong because if you stop it then inch forward you will see that it is the guy that scared her with both of his hands behind his head. Not saying this is real or fake, just stating that the above video is false.

  32. Alicia says:

    ok, the original video has been taken down due to a copyright claim.
    i think its pretty damn sure it was all fake.
    besides, youtube isn’t that stupid, they would NOT allow ANY video of someone ACTUALLY DYING on their site! its a completely sick and creepy and they would get blamed for spreading it (even if someone else spread it) because they are the only video site to all the non-internet-savvy folks.


    It may be fake, but it definitely is NOT gay. Choose your words more closely.

  34. od says:

    it’s a fake, the girl who died is an actress, cindy vela, she said it’s an acting job and it’s not real

    see her post:


  35. hmm says:

    im not sure if its real or not. but it is strange that her friends would put this on youtube. personaly i dont buy it. if its real then she has some pretty sick friends.

  36. Valentine says:

    It has to be fake because the girls that was hiding was kinda trying to get a good shot at everything even the man who steps out of the car… If it was me i would drop the camera and go see if she can survive that accident … not video tape it all like “ohh my friend just died because of me i have to get this on cam…” I say its fake and also very well played! If it’s not … then the cam girl deserves to die!

  37. Rachel W says:

    That video is fake. Its a Promotion. I know is fake cause im the one in the video being ran over and if it was not fake why would someone upload it?

  38. Anon says:

    yea its real, if your a fucking retard that believes everything on the internet

  39. lol this is so fake, the girl that got hit by the car is sitting right next to me, we’re eating cookies and milk and having a good laugh about the prank we just made, so stay tuned, theres more pranks for 2011 coming your way.

  40. Joshua says:

    Its fucking disgusting…. Look at the little kids that have access to this video. People like you make me sick!

    • Lex says:

      So because you are not doing your job as a parent by monitoring what your child does online, people should filter their posts or uploads?

      LOL!!! Stop blaming the internet and do your f******* job!

    • Enkay89 says:

      You are fucking retarded, a kid can go to the bathroom put on some headphones and watch the video without the parents noticing it… then erase the search history. Some fucking oversight you dumb ass, stop blaming everything on the parents.

  41. Joshua says:

    Its the tasteless actresses that do shit like this… I really hope your ass never gets discovered.

  42. Anonymous says:

    fake. because people who acidentaally catch their friend getting hit by a car do not run over with camera and make sure to aim it at them lying on the ground. she would have dropped the camera, or not have been holding it in front of her.

  43. Yesi says:

    Click this link and you’ll see the real truth.


    Have a nice one! 🙂

  44. And to think that there are people who believe that my Ferrari VS Ford F-150 Crash Video was staged!


    You be the judge!

  45. mhaldhita xuplhada says:

    ITS THAT true????

  46. haneen says:

    omg guys at first before i saw the video i was kind of confused because some comments said that it’s real and some didn’t, but after i saw it i swear it is so FAKE !!!!! i also heard that the girl who had bean hit by a car is an actress! i started laughing at the part when her friend followed her with the camera DUDE SHE SHOULD GO HELP HER INSTEAD OF TAKING A VIDEO YOU IDIOT! will if someone wants to confence me to that this is real, then you have to prove it.

  47. ben says:

    the guy that played the prank isnt holding a camera, if u pause the very last frame possible you can see it’s just his hands behind his head

  48. Scott says:

    It does look very real but I assure you Cindy is very much alive. She is starring in my new indie feature film Mahogany Sunrise. Become a fan of the film on Facebook.


  49. Chuck Norris says:

    I made this video. And now: Free Roundhouse kicks for Everyyyboddyyyy.

  50. Debunked says:


    this is a girl explaining that these effects are easy to achieve.

    and she is an actress

    is another movie they made, and in the end of this video you see a demon like face wich is achieved by video effects programs.

    here is an explenation from a really hot girl.

    Here is the tutorial site.

    Do not believe everything you see.

  51. james says:

    fake becouse she kept playing the video and when she got down there to see if rachel was okay she put the video camera to rachels corpse i would have shut it off right away

  52. Anonymous says:

    i think it is real because no one can act that out and make fake blood like that

  53. JohnnyApple says:

    If they can make a simple video look this authentic, then imagine the impression that someone can put together 9/11.

    • b says:

      Are you slow or just stupid because although yes, 9/11 was captured on film but the World Trade Centers were an actual place and THOUSANDS of people died that day. You’re making yourself seem like an ass saying the video from 9/11 was fabricated..

    • Aziz Shavershian says:

      Comprehensive reading you idiot. He said: “imagine the impression that someone can put together 9/11.” He wasn’t implying that 9/11 was fake he said IMAGINE.

  54. rakesh sharma says:

    wah life ho to asi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  55. DeverDee says:

    This video is still available. I just saw it today. Traumatizing! Even if it is fake!

    • Lisa Cupps says:

      I just watched it less than a minute ago. So yeah, it’s still floating around. But, it’s a good idea for those who like to play pranks like that because you never know what could happen.

  56. lee says:

    how did that video prove it was fake? if anything it proved the reality!

  57. Sancal0214 says:

    Someone just posted this on my FB wall so it’s still floating around and looked so real that I looked it up to make sure it was fake. This was made really well if this is fake…

  58. Be serious says:

    If you made this video this is wrong I pranked my friend and this almost happened to her If my other friend wasn’t standing outside she would of been hit by a car don’t mess around with things like that

  59. Matt says:

    You can do that in about 30 minutes with after effect http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial/advanced_car_hit/

  60. nitro says:

    i think my mine was blown she so pretty but she did get knock the FUCKout hehehaha

  61. peepee says:

    you suck for doing that

  62. Susan says:

    I like that this is out here. I want to show it to my sons friend. It shows that you have to think things through before doing it. Jokes sometimes have bad results. My son was pushed off a wagon this weekend by a friend who was just playing around. Luckily he wasn’t hurt but it could have been bad.

  63. Lex says:

    A. If it was real it would have been held in evidence and illegal to upload

    B. Getting hit by a car that low, the force would send you rolling over top of the vehicle, not sucked under as it looks.Seriously it looks like shes getting sucked up by a vacuum.. not hit by a moving car.

    C. Anyone who thinks this is real is feeding Gatorade to their plants because it “contains the electrolytes that plants crave.”

  64. Eric West says:

    ok, here’s how to know it’s fake. If it were real, why would you only know about it through amateur video posters and compilation videos on youtube? Wouldn’t you see it on the news? CNN? NBC? Fox News? The only reason I absolutely know it’s fake is because Caught On Camera show did a special about it and interviewed the actors. Yeah, it’s disturbing video. I think they should make horror movies, to be honest. But it’s fake, fake, fake. But very well done fake.

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