Apr 062014
Big Cats Play With Toilet Paper

Everyone knows that cats love to play with toilet paper. That got the Big Cat Rescue wondering, would big, wild cats find toilet paper just as fun and entertaining as their little domesticated cousins?

From this video it becomes clear that, yes, big cats love TP as much as any kitty. Adorable. 


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Mar 302014
Elephant Playing Water Polo Will Put You In A Good Mood

Beco the elephant of the Columbus Zoo just turned five years old. To celebrate, the staff gave Beco a water polo ball to play with. That’s one tough ball. 

Beco won’t make the water polo team anytime soon, but his playful attitude will put a smile on your face. 


Via DailyPicks

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Mar 242014
Giraffe Kisses Sick Zoo Employee Goodbye

Maintenance worker Mario of Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo has terminal cancer and had only one wish. To go back to the zoo to say goodbye to the animals. 

Magically, it seemed the giraffes understood that Mario was ill, and one even seemed kiss him goodbye during his farewell visit. 

Animals aren’t given enough credit. 

This video of the encounter is now going viral with over 200,000 views


Via LaughingSquid

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Mar 142014
Adorable Baby Gorilla Born In Rare C-section

It’s not everyday you get to see a newborn baby gorilla.

The Associated Press reports that veterinarians at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park successfully performed a Caesarean-section operation on a pregnant gorilla and both mom and baby are doing fine.

The little guy looks remarkably similar to a newborn human baby. 

So cute!


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