Mar 242014
Giraffe Kisses Sick Zoo Employee Goodbye

Maintenance worker Mario of Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo has terminal cancer and had only one wish. To go back to the zoo to say goodbye to the animals. 

Magically, it seemed the giraffes understood that Mario was ill, and one even seemed kiss him goodbye during his farewell visit. 

Animals aren’t given enough credit. 

This video of the encounter is now going viral with over 200,000 views


Via LaughingSquid

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Mar 142014
Adorable Baby Gorilla Born In Rare C-section

It’s not everyday you get to see a newborn baby gorilla.

The Associated Press reports that veterinarians at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park successfully performed a Caesarean-section operation on a pregnant gorilla and both mom and baby are doing fine.

The little guy looks remarkably similar to a newborn human baby. 

So cute!


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Mar 062014
Boy With Asperger’s Plays With Sea Lion At Aquarium

While visiting the National Zoo, one young, lonely boy found a rare friend.

The seven year old featured in this video by Seriously Not Boring has Asperger’s Syndrome and unexpectedly connected with one of the sea lions at the Sea Lion exhibit.

The two played for a several fun minutes, but it was his mom who was really touched. 

“Sometimes my son feels lonely, but that day he found a friend in Sophie the Sea Lion.”

Read the full story here


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