Apr 182014
History Of YouTube Through Song

It’s hard to believe, but YouTube is almost ten years old! It’s been a crazy ride that all started when the founders posted a short video of themselves at the zoo.

Musician Zoe Anne reviews the history of YouTube and the birth of famous YouTubers in this new music video


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Apr 082014
Charles Trippy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Alli

Charles Trippy and his girlfriend Alli of CTFxC have long been the quintessential YouTube couple. They’ve been going out for years, and even got engaged and married on YouTube. 

But life has a way of ending the good times. Sadly, Charles has just announced that he and Alli are breaking up. They hope to remain friends, especially as Charles continues to battle cancer. 

Charles has confirmed there was no cheating going on. 

“And of course Alli did not cheat on me,” he said on YouTube. 

No matter how you feel about the break up, Charles and Alli ask you keep things civil. 

“I really hope people can continue being mature and civil without speaking poorly of alli or Charles,” they both said


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Apr 022014
What If Life Were A Video

What if life was a video? What if you could fast forward through boring conversations at work to get to lunch quicker? Or add background music while on a date?

The struggle of being understood would be over. If you said something stupid you could simply rewind and try again!

That’s exactly the fantasy Ashley Mardell, aka YouTuber HeyThere005, imagines and discusses in this trending video


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Apr 012014
YouTube Announces Upcoming 2014 Viral Video Trends April Fools

You know all those popular YouTube memes and jokes everyone loves to spread and share? YouTube Spotlight has finally admitted they are the ones behind them all. From Gangnam Style, to Harlem Shake, to planking, YouTube has been writing, shooting, and directing all the best memes. 

Now, they’ve announced all the new upcoming viral videos, memes, and trend in this new promotion for 2014. Get ready for clocking, kissing dad, and more crazy memes!

Of course, this is all a fun gag in honor of April Fools.


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Mar 212014
Teens Migrating From Facebook To Comments Section Of Slow-Motion Deer Video

Studies show that more and more teenagers and young people are leaving Facebook, but where are they going?

You may be surprised to learn they are going to the comment section of a YouTube video of a deer running in slow motion.

Of course this ‘news’ is a spoof of real life by mock news agency The Onion, but it’s scary and hilarious how realistic this latest report sounds. 


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