May 032016
Woman Berates Dad Using Food Stamps At Walmart

The country seems to be more divided than ever. Even a simple trip to the grocery can erupt into a political debate. That’s exactly what happened at a Walmart when a father began to pay for his bill using food stamps.

The woman behind him began to quiz and then berate him for wasting tax payer dollars. Now, this week old video has instantly gone viral. 


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May 022016
Farthest Hoverboard Flight Ever

Nerds will remember from Back To The Future II that hoverboards work great on land. On water, not so much. Apparently, in real life, it’s the exact opposite. Franky Zapata has just set the world record for the longest hoverboard flight ever. 

The future is now! 


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May 022016
John Oliver Explains Modern Times To Cicadas From 1999

Everyone loves the summer time. But there are a few setbacks in the warm season. One really annoying part of summer are the bugs. This year is going to be a major one for Cicadas which were conceived in 1999. 

Since they’ve been out of the loop for so long, John Oliver decided to get them up to speed with this quick clip. 


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Apr 302016
World’s First Talking Cat Collar

It was bound to happen. After being featured in countless cartoons and science fiction shows, someone has finally created the world’s first talking cat collar. Does it accurately translate what your cat is actually saying? Probably not, but it’s the Internet so who cares?

Now, this commercial by Temptations Brand has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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