Aug 072015
Military Helicopter Flying Close To Highway Is Pure Russia

The Internet knows that things are little bit different in Russia. Could you imagine driving down the highway to see, not a car or truck in front of you, but a military attack helicopter? That’s exactly what CreamGoMango saw while traveling down a Ukrainian highway.

This video has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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Aug 062015
Isaiah And Terry Face Off In Old Spice Commercial

It can be argued that fragrance company Old Spice was one of the first companies to master the art of a true grassroots viral commercial with their The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ad in 2010. That commercial currently stands with over 50 million views! After a long hiatus, Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews have returned to face off in a new epic Old Spice ad


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Aug 052015
Boater Freaks Out When Pod Of Whales Breach Right Next To Him

Brad Rich was boating off the coast of Seward, Alaska on when they noticed some whale activity. After he grabbed his camera, the ocean became eerily calm. Finally, a large pod of whales breached right next to his boat while they were feeding. Understandably, he completely freaked out by the gorgeous scene and was thrilled that he captured it on video


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