Jun 172016
Telemarketer Robot Calls Emergency Phone In Elevator

It feels like telemarketers are calling all the time now. At first it was only on the phone at home when you picked up. But now they’re leaving messages on your cell, sending you text messages and emails, and apparently now this. 

One guy was riding the elevator when a telemarketer auto-dialing robot called the emergency phone. What?


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Jun 162016
T. Rex on American Ninja Warrior

As a genius marketing tool to spread their show’s presence online more, American Ninja Warrior had a very special athlete try out their difficult obstacle. T-Rex. This video has gone viral with over 250,000 views!


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Jun 152016
German Guys Can’t Stop Laughing In Smallest Elevator Ever

Europe is a wonderful place, but space is often limited. But even these two German guys visiting France were shocked by the size of the elevator they were riding. It was so small, the two of them barely fit!


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Jun 132016
This Guy Really Really Hates Windows Updates

Most of us ignore those annoying pop ups from Windows telling us to update the computer and restart it. But Endless Jess has had it up to here with Windows 8. It seems every five minutes it tells him to restart Windows. To say he freaks out is an understatement. 


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Jun 102016
Crazy Guy Builds 5000 Fireworks Deathstar

Now that summer is finally in full swin it’s time for pool parties, BBQ’s, and of course fire works! To celebrate his YouTube channel reaching 3,000,000 subscribers, crazy British inventor Colin Furze built an epic deathstar consisting of 5,000 fireworks. Boom!


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