Jan 142015
Daredevil Roasts Marshmallows Over A Volcano

Marshmallows are a tasty snack, but the best way to enjoy them is by roasting them over a camp fire. Yum! But Simon Turner has taken the concept of roasting marshmallows over a fire to the next level. Caters TV reports that he and his friend daringly hiked down to a lava lake inside Marcum Crater in Ambrym on the island of Vanuatu to roast some ‘mallows. Crazy! 


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Jan 142015
Girls Try To Pee Standing Up For The First Time

There are many differences between men and women. One of the most obvious ones is that men can pee standing up while women are forced to sit. This leads to the famous toilet seat up or down debate with couples. But what if girls could pee standing up like guys?

There are some new devices available that allows women to pee standing up, and BuzzFeed had some of their female staff members try one out to see how it feels.

Ladies, would you ever try it?


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Jan 132015
2,014 Mousetraps And 2,015 Ping-Pong Balls

In honor of the new year, Press Association teamed up with Pepsi Max to create this epic chain reaction video. The crew tirelessly set up 2,014 mousetraps with a ping-pong ball on each one. Finally, they dropped one more ball, for a total of 2,015 in honor of the new year, to set off the ultimate chain reaction. Glorious! 

This new year’s video has only gone viral now with over 4.75 million hits!


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Jan 112015
BMW’s Laser Headlights Are From The Future

Cars have come with headlights for almost as long as they’ve been mass produced. For decades car lights haven’t changed at all. But BMW is ready to step into the future. They showed off their brand new laser headlights technology on the BMW M4 sports car at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and wowed the audience with its impressive dynamic capabilities. 


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