May 282014
Terrifying Close To A Tornado In North Dakota

Dan Yorgason and his friends had no where to go! There was a giant tornado heading right for their trailer park, and with no basement to seek refuge in, they decided they might as well go outside and see the monster twister themselves.

The tornado warning on the radio only makes the scene more surreal. Finally, they got in their truck to escape, but only after capturing the twister on camera. Now, their daring video has gone viral with over 750,000 views!

Understandably, the survivors use some seriously strong language. You’ve been warned. Read more about the storm on USAToday, FoxNews, and ABCNews


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May 272014
Biker Accidentally Discovers Secret Rave Party

Bicyclists Tim Fry and his buddy Rich simply wanted to go for a nice relaxing bike ride through nature. Instead, they stumbled upon a loud, booming rave party. 

“What we saw was just plain surreal,” explains Tim. The GoPro camera attached to his bike captured the moment when the quiet nature ride was flipped on its head into a crazy rave music festival.

“That can’t be official,” Tim laughs as he leaves the party. Now, the video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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May 272014
US Airways Doesn’t Allow Artists To Bring Violins On Plane, So They Play On The Runway

Musician Nicolas Kendall was traveling with his fellow violinist Zach to meet their bassist in Fayetteville, Arkansas to perform at the Artosphere Arts and Nature Festival when something unexpected happened. When they were trying to make a connection in Charlotte they were told they weren’t allowed to bring their instruments on the plane. They were left alone on the tarmac without any directions, so Zach decided to play a little Bach to calm down. 

“Are violins dangerous? It’s hard enough to make it as a classical musician. Cut us some slack, PLEASE!!!”


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May 252014
Natural Cubes Of Salt From The Dead Sea Will Blow Your Mind

The Dead Sea in Israel is famous as the lowest point on Earth. It is also the saltiest body of water in the world. As a result of the high saline level, animals cannot flourish there, hence the name Dead Sea. The sea is a popular tourist attraction as the salty, minerally water and mud can be used in many skin therapies. Also, the density of the water makes swimmers float! How cool is that?

Israeli YouTuber Jabulani demonstrates another reason why the Dead Sea is so amazing in this video. Somehow, perfect cubes of salt are naturally formed, and can be found on the shore. Crazy. 


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May 242014
Walking Backwards Through Tokyo In Reverse

This month old video by Simon Bouisson is simply mind-blowing. To create the stunning visuals in this clip, Simon walked backwards all around Tokyo. Then he reversed the video to make it appear that he was the only one walking normally while the rest of the country was somehow in a constant state of rewind. Truly stunning!  


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