Oct 272013
ASDFmovie7 Mini-Cartoons Compilation

Popular cartoonist TomSka has finally returned with the 7th episode of his outrageous ASDFmovie series.

As in his past cartoon compilations, viewers are pelted with super short, and utterly outrageous, cartoons that make Vine videos seem long.

After debuting on Friday, the cartoon compilation has already amassed over 2 million hits!


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Oct 262013
Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish From Fisherman’s Hands

Adventures South of the Border features fishing fun from all around the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

After two years of publishing nautical videos on YouTube, their first clip has gone viral!

While two fishermen were holding up the giant monster fish they had just captured for the camera, Pancho the local sea lion popped out of the water as if in a Saturday morning cartoon, and grabbed one of the giant fish for a quick lunch to go. 

The fishermen couldn’t believe their eyes!

“That’s a crime!”

The video is spreading across the web over the weekend, and is featured by SayOMGTastefullyOffensive, DailyPicks, and ShockMansion


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Oct 262013
Strange CGI Man Is Late For Meeting

Two years ago, David Lewandowski published a disturbing and bizarre computer animated short of a CGI man madly waving his arms and walking around town. Viewers were confused, but enthralled, inducing the video to go viral with over 15 million views!

Now, years later, David has returned with an apparent sequel, titled Late For Meeting, that is just as comical and freakish as his first piece. The video was just published before the weekend, and has already amassed over one million views!



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Oct 242013
Actors Of ‘Last Vegas’ Read Viral Pop Song Lyrics

Hal Rudnick of movie-obsessed Screen Junkies had the lucky opportunity to have a chat with the four stars of the new Hollywood flick, Las Vegas

As he was hosting an online interview, he naturally asked the gentlemen to recite lyrics from viral pop songs, with Morgan Freeman interpreting What The Fox Say, Robert De Niro reading Wrecking Ball, Kevin Kline tackling Best Song Ever, and Michael Douglas taking on Chinese Food

As Freeman is such a famous and prominent orator, they even mashed his reading up with the actual Ylvis music video. 


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Oct 232013
Popular YouTuber Joey Graceffa Gets Towed And Complains Online, Man Who Towed Him Responds

Conversations that once took place between two or three people are now held in front of hundreds of thousands with the help of YouTube and Twitter. For better or for worse. 

After foolishly parking and blocking somebody’s driveway, popular YouTuber Joey Graceffa‘s car was towed. Naturally, he had to turn to his two million subscribers to complain about it, even though he was entirely at fault. 

The man who had his car towed happened to be Nate Clark who, after seeing Joey’s video complaining about the incident, appropriately made this response video that was posted on Reddit and has quickly exploded online. 

Just for everyone’s information, you can’t block an active driveway, even if there are no signs. 


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