Dec 242013
This Candy Sorting Machine Is The Perfect Gift For Your OCD Loved Ones

Candies such as M&M’s and Skittles are great, but the mix of colors can make a person with OCD go mad.

Thankfully, ivcvideo made this candy sorting machine. No more will you have to pick out your favorite flavor from a mix of candies.  


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Dec 232013
Google’s Schaft Robot Wins Robotics Challenge Competition

The SCHAFT robot performed at this year’s DARPA Robotics Challenge, and was one of the highlights from the competition.

The Google owned robot impressively performed tasks that would be crucial for a machine to complete in an emergency, life saving scenario, such as opening doors, breaking walls, and climbing stairs to save a person. 

Read more on Gizmodo, NYTimes, and IBTimes


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