Oct 172013
Ghe-O Rescue SUV Puts The Hummer To Shame

Romanian Ghe-O Motors has recently debuted their new Ghe-O Rescue SUV, and the web is quite impressed. The beast of a rescue vehicle puts the hummer to shame, easily conquering any off road obstacle put in its way. 

This showcasing video has garnered over 350,000 views, and is further reviewed on AutoBlog, Slate, FoxNews, and TopGear


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Oct 172013
How To Make An Alcohol Stove With A Beer Bottle Can

You know those Bud Lite beer bottles made from aluminum? The Crazy Russian Hacker has stepped forward to demonstrate how to make a mini alcohol burning stove with just the empty can. 

By cutting the bottle in half and inverting the top into the bottom, a small stove is created. Simply add the necessary holes and rubbing alcohol, and, viola, you have a mini alcohol burning stove perfect for camping. 


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Oct 162013
Running Of The Bulls Prank At Venice Beach

Improv Everywhere teamed up with popular YouTubers to prank beach-goers at the Venice Beach boardwalk with an impromptu running of the bulls

Chased by people in ridiculous inflated bull costumes, Mystery Guitar ManWhite MenaceBrittani Taylor, and many more ran ‘for their lives’ in traditional Spanish outfits fit for a bull run. 

Naturally, they had to slip in some product placement in this day and age online. 



Spot featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live:


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Oct 162013
Bad Lip Reading Of Game Of Thrones

Mega popular Internet channel Bad Lip Reading has finally returned, this time focusing its ridiculous attention of the acclaimed Game Of Thrones series. 

In their new mock trailer, Eddie Stark attempts to open a medieval park with a crew of inadequate employees, instead of focusing on war and fantasy creatures.

Already, fans online are wishing the trailer was for an actual film. 


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Oct 152013
Japanese School Kids Sing ‘Day Man’ From Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This adorably strange clip was posted over a month ago by Man Bear Pig, but has online exploded online today, appearing on UpRoxx, Gawker, PopWatch, and Metro

The clip features a class of Japanese school children singing the song Day Man from the popular show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Why they are singing the adult-themed song, and why there is a picture of Peter Griffin behind them remains a mystery. 

The video has instantly amassed over a quarter million views in just one day. 


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