Oct 222014
PhotoMath Smartphone App Can Solve Any Math Problem

First there was the pocket calculator, and arithmetic became easier. Then scientific calculators helped with algebra. But now, everything in math class will forever change after this new app from mobile vision software company MicroBLINK goes viral. The new PhotoMath app can not only solve a difficult mathematical equation using any smart camera device, but it even shows the work! Kids have it so easy these days!


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Oct 222014
Motorcycle Chariot

This outrageous video by La Moka was published in 2012, but has only gone viral now with over 100,000 new views! While driving on the streets of Sturgis, Ashlea and Amber noticed a very strange vehicle in front of them. After further investigation, they realized that it was a motorcycle chariot! That’s right, a man in a chariot being pulled by a motorcycle. 


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Oct 212014
NYPD Chase Run Away Horse Through Manhattan

New York City is well known for their horse drawn carriages. The carriages have been around long before the automobile, and today are often used to take tourists around town. But many animal rights groups believe it’s time to retire the horses for good. Groups like NYCLASS Ban Horse Carriages have more ammunition as a horse recently ran away from its handler and took to the streets. New Yorkers were shocked to see NYPD squad cars chasing the horse down 11th Avenue. Now, this ridiculous clip that seems to be from a movie has gone viral. 


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Oct 202014
What Narcolepsy Really Looks Like.

Narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness and frequent daytime sleep attacks, is often made fun of in television and media. But it’s no laughing matter and is a serious condition. Sarah Elizabeth suffers from the rare disorder. While attempting to create a workout video, she experienced a sleep attack. She decided to post the video to educate the masses what narcolepsy really looks like


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