Jun 222014
Story Of Longest Car Jump Ever

French race car driver Guerlain Chicherit wanted to do something drastic for his latest stunt, so he teamed up with GoPro to attempt to break the world record by executing the longest ramp car jump ever. This powerful video covering the thrilling story of the jump has gone viral over the weekend with over 2.2 million views!


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May 282014
Competitive Eater Eats TWO 72 oz Steaks

When most people imagine a competitive eater, they think of a big, bulky bodybuilder. Molly Schuyler is basically the complete opposite of that. She’s just your average size woman, but she can eat more than most men. For her latest accomplishment, she ate two 72 oz steak dinners in just under fifteen minutes. That includes two 72 oz steaks, two baked potatoes, two salads, two rolls, and two shrimp. That’s nine pounds of meat! She broke a record by finishing her first giant steak in under five minutes!

So…. who wants steak for dinner?


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May 272014
World’s Largest Paper Airplane Flies Over Arizona

To keep kids interested in science and aviation, Pima Air & Space Museum holds a Great Paper Airplane Project each year. This year, they built the world’s largest paper airplane, named the Arturo’s Desert Eagle. The plane measured a gigantic 45 feet long and 26 feet wide, and flew over the desert of Arizona for ten seconds and hit a top speed of 100 mph! Naturally, the plane was equipped with a GoPro camera to capture the action


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Apr 292014
Beer Mile World Record

James Nielsen has broken a running world record and has gone viral! What was his accomplishment? He ran a ‘Beer Mile’ in just under five minutes. What exactly is a ‘Beer Mile’ you might ask? 

According to BeerMile.com, a ‘Beer Mile’ is when a runner runs four quarter mile laps, but first chugs a traditional 12 oz can of beer before each lap. 

James has become the first to ever run a ‘Beer Mile’ in under 5 minutes, clocking in at 4:57! Now, this video of his run has gone viral with over 400,000 hits! Congratulations!


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