Apr 192014
Adorable Toddler Thinks He’s A Wizard As Parents Pause And Play TV

Forget “wingardium leviosa.”

This little wizard has a magic spell of his own. With a simple, “Ahh cha!” the toddler magician can seemingly pause and play the television. Of course, mom and dad are helping with a little infrared magic of their own, but that doesn’t detract from the adorableness. 


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May 232013

All nerds know that He Who Must Not Be Named is the most powerful wizard in the world. Or is he?

Lego video creators Brotherhood Workshop imagined a scenario where Voldemort would meet an equally famous wizard while wand shopping. Naturally, the two powerful wizards bump heads. 

The resulting clip has tickled the funny bone of nerds and fantasy geeks, and now is going viral. 


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Nov 072012

Everyone knows that when a dueling wizard finds himself in a dire situation, a quick swig of a magic potion can be the helpful boost to emerge victorious. 

But what happens when two wizards keep poitioning up in a battle? Potion overdose.

The new video was just published by special effects artists , and already it has over 350,000 views. 


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Dec 072011

The final Harry Potter film finally came out this year, but that doesn’t mean the buzz surround the Internationally famed franchise has died down. Harry Potter World at Universal Studios is planning to expand, and JK Rowling even launched Pottermore this year, the official Harry Potter social network of sorts. Fans are even getting into the spirit of Harry Potter by playing Quidditch, the wizarding sport played on brooms. 

This year, the 5th Quidditch World Cup that was held in New York City. That’s right. People from around the world come to compete in the sports. Of course, since no one’s flying it’s technically called Muggle, or non-wizard, Quidditch. This year, Boston University were final contenders and they posted this video from the event. 


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Jul 132011

Rafi and Benny Fine are famous for their one take videos recapping movies, video games, and books. As the last, and final Harry Potter film is about to be released, it’s appropriate to cover the Harry Potter movies. Rafi and Benny recap all seven Harry Potter movies, in one take, in seven minutes. That’s not as easy as it seems. 


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