Aug 142015
Dying Dog Plays In Snow One Last Time

There are few things that can make the Internet emotional like a dog sick with terminal bone cancer. As her owner knew she probably wouldn’t make it until next winter, she worked with the Chill Factore in Manchester to have Sophia play in the snow one last time

Dang onions. 


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Aug 072015
Latvians Create Giant Spinning Disc Of Ice On Frozen Lake

Everyone loves riding the carousel at the fair or amusement park. But in Latvia they have a much different kind of carousel. By cutting a giant circle in the ice on top of a frozen lake, a group of creative people made a giant spinning disc on the water. It’s a true frozen ice carousel


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Mar 142015
Dachshund Dogs Playing Hockey Is The Cutest

Dachshunds are especially cute dogs. There’s just something so adorable about that long body and those itty-bitty legs. To say goodbye to winter one final time, Daily Picks and Flicks published this super cute video of two Dachshund dogs playing hockey in the snow. 

Does it get any cuter?


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Mar 052015
Ice Fisher Accidentally Catches Duck

Nicholas Colangelo was ice fishing in Pennsylvania with his buddy when something very unexpected happened. The flag on one of their fishing poles went off signalling a catch. But when they pulled up the line they found a duck on the hook

Instead of having roast duck for dinner the let the bird go.


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Mar 032015
How To Build An Igloo By Yourself

Spring is just around the corner, but not here yet. With all this snow around, there’s got to be something else you can do with it besides throw the occasional snowball and build a snowman. How about build an igloo? Though it’s not a simple feat, you can build your very own igloo by yourself with the help of this tutorial by Overthehill Outdoors. The video is actually a year old but is trending only now with 100,000 new views. 


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