Apr 112014
Irish Brewmaster Reviews American Cheap Wines

After having a wine expert taste test cheap beers, Buzzfeed is switching things up. 

Americans sure love their cheap wine. But how does the cheap stuff from the super box store stand up to the pallet of a professional Irish brewmaster?

BuzzFeed wanted to find out, so they enlisted the help of brewmaster Damian McConn to taste and review a slew of American cheapo wines


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Jul 112013

The new YouTube channel XtremeWineProduction has gone viral! The comedy group published this video, titled Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine, in which the 80′s dressed, American loving host demonstrates a slew of dangerous forms of opening a bottle of wine. 

Though it was published a week ago, the video has gone viral now, garnering over 150,000 new views, and appearing on LaughingSquid, Gizmodo, and HuffPost


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Nov 282012

 is, naturally, most famous for their ‘life hacks.’ A common ‘life hack‘ is to access alcohol, be it beer or wine, without the proper tool. 

In this most recent episode, they show ‘seven ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew,’ and in less than a week, have garnered more than 325,000 views


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Apr 122012

Only a true Russian could figure out how to open of bottle of wine with a hammer. No corkscrew or delicate device required.

His technique is genius. He wraps the bottle in cheesecloth, holds it over a large bowl, and breaks the bottom. All the wine pours into the bowl, as the glass shards are filtered by the cheesecloth. Success! Now we drink!


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Mar 092012

Now a days, everything is digital, but not long ago, all technology was entirely mechanical. With no electricity, wires, or programs, people can still make impressive machines.

Just take this overly complex de-corking machine that is entirely mechanical, and just went viral taking the ‘net by storm. Just by cranking the wheel, the machine grabs the bottle, takes out the cork, and, most impressively, even pours a perfect glass of wine. The video is covered by RightThisMinute


Thanks Terrance!

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