May 232014
Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Have A Drum-Off On Tonight Show

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith look so similar, it’s actually hard to tell who’s who. But more importantly, who is the better drummer, comedian Ferrell, or Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Smith? The answer may seem obvious, but Jimmy Fallon still felt it necessary to hold a drum off between the two stars. In one day this video has gone viral with over 1.8 million views!


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Dec 042013
Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning On SportsCenter

Has there ever been this much hype for a Hollywood sequel? 

Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, continues to appear in real life media to promote his new movie Anchorman 2.

After co-anchoring the news in North Dakota, and hosting the curling championship in Canada, Ron was invited onto ESPN‘s SportsCenter to interview quarterback Peyton Manning.

Naturally, the silly interview is going viral. 


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Dec 022013
Ron Burgundy Hosts Canadian Curling Championship

Ron Burgundy has truly changed how movies are advertised, appearing in many Dodge commercials and even a traditional newscasts in an effort to further promote Anchorman 2

He has even hosted the Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings Canadian Curling Championship.

TSN Tube posted this hilarious recap clip of Ron enjoying the festivities and even joining the TSN broadcast from the curling event. 


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Dec 022013
Ron Burgundy Anchors Actual Newscast In North Dakota

Viewers of KXNews in North Dakota were treated to a special newscast with the one and only Ron Burgundy as a guest anchor. 

Amber Schatz shared her desk with Ron and did a decent job of holding back her laughter throughout the humorous news report.

South Florida Sports Network put together this supercut of the newcast. Watch the entire newscast here


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Nov 212013
Ron Burgundy Sings Mayor Rob Ford’s Campaign Song ‘Working For The Weekend’

While visiting with Conan O’Brien, Ron Burgundy admitted that he was asked by Toronto’s controversial mayor Rob Ford to sing his campaign theme song for his reelection.

Appropriately, that song happens to be Working For The Weekend by Lover Boy. 

“Everybody needs a second chance.”

As expected, Ron pulled out the flute.


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