Sep 122015
Guy In Wheelchair Gets Into His Van Like A Boss

Being stuck in a wheelchair can be extremely difficult. Things as simple as getting into a car can be a complex chore. But even though he is in a wheelchair, Nickfinity likes to live on the positive side of life. So when he gets into his van, he quickly rolls down the ramp from his house and flies right in. Like a boss! 


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Nov 172014
Girl In Wheelchair Spoofs ‘All About That Bass’ As ‘All About That Chair’

Heather Schouten has been paralyzed from the waist down since she was in a car accident as a little girl. But instead of letting her disability get the best of her, Heather has remained an upbeat and positive teenager. She even spoofed Meghan Trainor‘s one hit wonder All About That Bass with a wheelchair spin on the pop song in this uplifting music video


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May 222014
Adorable Handicapped Goat Is Given A Wheelchair

Wheelchairs aren’t only for people anymore. When Frostie the Snow Goat came to  he was dehydrated and full of lice. Worse yet, he was suffering a serious condition that ended up stealing the mobility of his back legs. That’s why the sanctuary made him a special wheelchair. Simply adorable.


Via DailyPicks

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Nov 212013
Extreme Wheelchair Freestyling With Aaron Wheelz

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is wheelchair bound, but that hasn’t stopped him from living life on the edge. He proves that extreme freestyle sports aren’t only for the fully able-bodied.

With Devin Supertramp working the camera, he performs outrageous stunts, jumps, and even flips, all from the seat of his wheelchair.

Sure he wipes out plenty of times, but that’s all part of the fun.  


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Aug 132013

RideVictoria is a Canadian YouTuber who often brings his helmet camera with him on his motorcycle rides. On a recent trip he noticed a woman in an electric wheel chair who seemed to be in distress. He quickly pulled into a lot to investigate.

After helping dislodge one of the stuck wheels, the woman was on her way, and his random act of coolness was complete. Canadian bikers just love helping their neighbors


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