Mar 032014
Drones Records Amazing Footage Of Dolphin And Whale Pod Stampede

This awe-inspiring video by Dolphin Safari has gone viral over the weekend with over 430,000 hits so far! 

Captain Dave Anderson of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point, California recorded an huge pod stampede of dolphins and whales using a drone. 

Literally thousands of dolphins, and a couple whales too, can be seen migrating together down the coast off San Clemente, California.

The captain even captured a heartwarming close-up of a newborn Humpback whale calf snuggling with its mom.


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Feb 252014
Girl Gets Tail Slapped By Whale

This video may not be the best of quality, but that hasn’t stopped the once in a life time event from going viral. 

While Jordyn R and her friends went whale watching off the Mexican coast, her friend Chelsea got a smacked by a whale’s tail. 


That’s gotta hurt. 


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Nov 052013
Two Fishermen Help Killer Whale Beached On Rocks

While shrimp fishing, fishermen Jason and Nick of Vonick1 encountered a killer whale beached on the rocks near the Prince of Whales island in southeast Alaska.

Without thinking of their own safety, they immediately jumped into action to help the great predator, pouring water on the exposed dorsal fin, and eventually helping free it after many hours of work. 

The two discussed their amazing experience with RightThisMinute



Extended video:


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Oct 232013
Huge Humpback Whale Smacks Diver Cameraman

While recording whales off the east coast of South Africa, professional underwater cameraman Chris Coates had a serious close call. 

Suddenly, one humpback started darting right for him!

Luckily, he managed to only get shoved to the side when the whale smacked him and the camera

“The slap with the fin was quiet hard, but I don’t think it was trying to hurt me or it would have been way harder,” Chris later recalled to JukinVideo


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Sep 242013
Physics Of Sperm VS Physics Of Sperm Whales

Aatish Bhatia of TED-Ed asks the question, how are the physics of a single sperm and sperm whale different? 

It’s all comes down to the Reynolds number. For a huge whale, a single stroke of its tail can propel it extremely far in the water. But for micro-organisms like a sperm, moving through water molecules that are nearly its same size can be extremely difficult. 


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