Mar 072013

Leave it to the Internet to always take a meme one step deeper. Recently, a goat screaming trend has surfaced on YouTube.

Now, Olde Pay Phone has gone full circle, parodying the ever popular goats screaming like people video, with people screaming like goats screaming like people. 


Already, the new video has accumulated over 325,000 hits, and is featured on Slate, Gawker, Mashable, and HuffPost


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Mar 062013

The Rotating Snake Illusion is an art piece that so many recognize, but few know the title. YouTuber Rasmusab thought it would make for an interesting experiment to show his cat the illusion, and record the results. 

Now, the video from February has experienced a viral explosion, amassing over 100,000 visits just today. It is also featured on VideoSift, Gizmodo, TastefullyO, and HyperVocal.

Did your cat react to the visuals?


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Mar 042013

You know when you are thinking of something, but you just can’t put a word on it? Well, perhaps this interesting and obscure video by BuzzFeed Video will help. 

In Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names, the authors show a slew of rare and obscure words for common objects, things, and body parts. 

There’s even “a word for the feeling that you haven’t taken a complete poop.” Yep. Rectal tenesmus


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Mar 042013

Last week, Oreo successfully went viralviral after launching their new Oreo Separator series. The debut episode–featuring an engineer’s Oreo creme separator machine–has already been seen over 3.5 million times

Now, the second episode is going viral in its own right. The two quirky and creative scientists from Minnesota in the episode are a perfect team, as one loves the cookie, and the other loves the creme. 

Corporate world. Now this is how you properly launch a viral video ad campaign. 


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Mar 032013

This video was actually posted online in 2011, but it has only gone viral recently, accumulating over 600,000 hits over the past week.  

Speaking of ‘hits,’ the video by Zach Curd is actually focused on precisely that. Slaps in the face. He asked his wife to wake him with a slap across the face for two weeks and record the results. 

Now, Slapped Awake is covered on InQuisitir, Guyism, and NowMSN


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