Dec 182012

Investing in a dash camera seems to a growing trend, as more and more dash cam videos are popping up online. Most involve car crashes or scam artists, but this one, published by Claudio Paskuale, takes the cake for the most random and weird

While just driving along like any other day, this driver equipped with a dash cam was shocked when truck in the opposing lane crashed, and slid into oncoming traffic.

But for an even greater shock, the truck tipped over dumping its haul of live cows onto the road.


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Dec 172012

Nearly everyone online has seen the now classic video of a lucky boy and his sister opening a brand new Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

Well, Terminal Montage took the audio from the timeless clip, and synced it up with their brand new animation that is definitely the result of some sick, out of the box thinking. 

Just over the weekend, the new video has amassed over 550,00 views.


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Dec 102012

NSFW Warning – Language

After the viralviral success of his last ‘True Facts’ video, popular online personalty Ze Frank has returned with another. 

This time, he brings us all the ‘True Facts About Baby Echidnas,’ which ironically only features very untrue facts about the strange platypus-type creatures

One interesting fact that is actually true: the Echidnas are the only other mammals besides for the duck billed platypus that lays eggs. A true wtf animal. 


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Nov 302012

Dan Klein of  has just gone viral with his new Fruit Reviews series. Going for ‘this is so awkward to watch, it’s painful’ humor, Dan takes an apple and impossibly offers a full two minute review of the world’s most famous fruit. 


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