Sep 292012

YouTuber  wondered what the music video for PSY‘s KPop super sensation, Gangnam Style, would be like without the music. Just the singing and sound effects. So he sat down for four hours and with an a cappella track and some sound effects completed what he set out to do. 

The resulting music video is difficult to describe. It is very odd, yet there is something enthralling about the stark contrast of outrageous dancing and visuals without the usual blasting club music.  


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Sep 242012

 is famous online for their outrageous and out-of-the-box commercials. Their latest doesn’t disappoint, and naturally stars Greg Jennings just in time for football season. 

Seemingly reading a book in bed next to his lady, Greg tells the camera that a wise man once said, “Never mix business with pleasure.”

To disprove this timeless saying, the camera zooms out to show Greg’s bed is actually on a football field completely supported by him standing up. He then continues to score a touchdown and even bring his lady breakfast in bed.

It’s all possible if you believe in the magic of Old Spice. 


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Sep 232012

By now you are probably sick of hearing about Apple, but another video has gone viral concerning the newly release iPhone 5. YouTuber  went to one of the iPhone 5 waiting lines, and found the jack pot interviewee. 

Calling her eccentric isn’t enough, but whatever she is people love to laugh at her, causing the video to go viral in just one day. 

Some accused Rachel to be a fake plant, a simple actor. Others say she’s obviously ‘not all there,’ and it’s wrong to post her online and make fun of her. 

 The new video has over 35,000 hits, and is showcased on DailyOfTheDay, Reddit, Yababoon, and VideoSift


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Sep 172012

There are few things more aggravating than getting stuck with a ticket, especially when the police are obviously running a speed trap. There really isn’t much you can do about it though, except drive a little more carefully in the future. 

But  figured he wasn’t going down without a fight. So he literally spent hours folding up 137 single dollar bills into little pigs using origami folding.

When he went to the station to pay, he was told they couldn’t accept the bills folded up. The one cop actually enjoyed the gag, and ingeniously picked up on the joke of origami pigs being delivered in a donut box to the police station. 

Most YouTubers are not impressed with the video, prompting InBloodChains to say: “After watching this, i am left with nothing but respect for the calm way the people in the clip handled your bullsh–. what did you think to accomplish with this?”

The OP couldn’t help but point out the success of his video, which now stands with over 670,000 hits in just one week. 

“Actually, some fortune teller told me that if I did it, it would make the video go viral and show up on pretty much all the news networks and all over online. Pretty damn good fortune teller huh?”


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