Jun 112012

The ASPCA, or The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and  teamed up to raise awareness for adopt a shelter cat month this June.

With this being the Internet and all, there is truly only one way to raise awareness about cats. Hovercat viral video! Nightline’s Dan Harris makes a short cameo, but it’s the cat that hovers with Dubstep playing in the background that really steals the show. 

Even famous YouTuber Mystery Guitar Man couldn’t help but comment, “THAT’S how you make a cat video…” 


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Jun 072012

Justin Bieber is holding a contest for fans to make their own parodies of his hit single Boyfriend. This girl’s cover video just went viral on Reddit for being creepy and funny.

Unlike most girls who obviously try to charm Bieber,  makes it clear, she will make Justin her boyfriend. Shiver. 


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Jun 072012

Mattstache, the unique lip sync artist who went viral last February ‘singing’ Turn Me On by David Guetta is back again. With six different mustache cuts, he performs a one of a kind video of Rihanna’s Where Have You Been.


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Jun 062012

This ridiculous video of a mini van in Russia with a bad suspension has started to trend, and is being passed around the web.

With the 50 Cent hit song, In Da Club, playing in the background, it seems like the van is dancing along with music. 


Thanks Brian!!

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Jun 042012

Last week, the I Feel Dizzy kid went viral with his hilarious post surgery anesthesia  reaction. As is obligatory online, the auto tune remixes of the video have been popping up everywhere. 

Remix artist  is the first to have a true viral remix of I Feel Dizzy Kid that already has nearly 30,000 hits. 


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