May 222012

Condoms are very important for a healthy sex life, but they’re good for more than just sex and water balloon fun. You can even make music with the contraceptive device like these guys did!

The music video by  from last week is going viral now, and is featured TheDailyWhat, BuzzfeedBitsAndPieces, and CollegeHumor


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May 212012

Just in time for actual BBQ season comes this ridiculous and humorous Hot Pockets infomercial spoof.

Purposefully following all the cliche characteristics of a typical made-for-TV infomercial,  wants consumers to continue their winter long Hot Pockets addiction instead of actually BBQing themselves this summer.

The week old commercial is surprisingly popular, and already has over a quarter million views.  


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May 182012

Goofy music maker  took a Japanese nature clip from the arctic, and added an adorable, up beat, juvenile voice over song.

Now, his ‘music video,’ titled Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job, is going viral, and is already featured on Tosh.0, TheDailyWhat, and RatsOff


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