Jan 152013

This short, yet very sweet, video was posted on YouTube by Rowan Hartgroves way back in May. It has suddenly gone viralviral now, collecting over 50,000 views in just a few hours, after appearing on Reddit.

The viral video features a three-toed sloth slowly crawling towards the camera which happened to be on the ground. By adding a dramatic, anxiety-inducing soundtrack, the inquisitive sloth seems to transform into a raging, charging beast. 

Run! Or as YouTuber shavedape777 put it: “Walk for your lives!”


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Jan 152013

This short yet very sweet video was posted online before the weekend, and already it has collected over 325,000 views. Musician and athlete Sean Pawling plays the familiar Ride Of The Valkyries tune on trombone while skiing down the hills at Lake Tahoe. The ridiculousness is further featured on Arbroath, HuffPost, BestOfYouTube, and Neatorama


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Jan 132013

After the success of his last F***in’ Tour, which already has garnered over one million views, online comedian Greg Benson has continued the foul-mouthed series while on vacation. 

This time, he showers viewers in a fast paced compilation of himself swearing in front of popular Las Vegas attractions. 


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Jan 102013

To launch their new ‘Fighter VS Food’ series, NOC enlisted lightweight contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis to star in the opening episode.

They appropriately chose eggs as the food of choice, and recorded Anthony roundhouse kicking a dozen in super-glorious-slow-motion


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