Nov 282012

 opens to the camera that he is moving out of Spokane because of spiders. He found a monster, big and scary spider in his bathroom. 

He decided he was going to overcome his fear and kill the spider for infringing on his domain. He impulsively decided on brass-knuckles as his weapon. 

He ended up punching a hole in the bathroom wall

After the act, he made a face to the camera as the depth of what just happened slowly marinated in his mind. Then announced, “I messed up. I messed up! Fff… MOM!”

Now, the two day old video has over 50,000 views


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Nov 222012

NSFW Warning – content

 teamed up with famous vlogger ZeFrank to publish this strange ‘Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette‘ just in time for Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. The guide features Frank’s very outrageous humor, and already has over 400,000 views.


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Nov 202012

Off the wall YouTuber  is best known for his out of this world antics, pranks, and public humiliations. For Thanksgiving this year, he dressed up as a turkey and ran around in public gobbling, all the while his friend and fellow YouTube prankster, Ed Bassmaster, chased him dressed as a turkey hunter . 



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Nov 152012

Gustavo Almadovar is a local news reporter at channel 9 Eye Witness News in Orange County with a big online presence. He already has such a unique name and it is only exaggerated by the way he pronounces it, always moving his head at the start of ‘Almadovar.’ 

This video compilation of the reporter signing off by closing with his name was published way back in 2008, but it has only now gone viralviral. In the past few days, the video has amassed over 350,000 views, and has been covered on popular blogs, like TheDailyWhat, DailyPicks, IrenesInternet, and 22Words


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Nov 122012

 posted this video back in 2011, but it has only exploded across the web now, garnering over 200,000 views in the past few days.

The video features a large truck ‘scooping’ up barrels of cotton by backing up with the truck bed angled. Then the drivers dumps the barrels in the same place, only now they are standing up. 


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