Apr 202013

Last year, Lauren went viralviral with this very short clip dancing around in her bedroom to Run DMC’s It’s Tricky wearing just an enormous pair of Stewie Griffin pajama pants that rose up to her shoulders. Her original video stands with over 2.4 million views

Dancing around, she looked like some kind of crazy leg creature from a non-existent Tim Burton movie.

Now, just over a year later, Lauren has returned to please her fans with an epic sequel. This time, she dances around public, at CVS and on the quad, to the chagrin of passersby. 

Already, her new video has collected over 290,000 hits


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Apr 152013

Александр Таргон published this video from the Russian web a week ago on YouTube, and already it has amassed over 1.1 million views.

 The short clip simply features a beaver being recorded by a Russian cameraman. But suddenly, the video takes a turn down horror road when the beaver attacks, and the camera is shaken Blair Witch style. 


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Apr 152013

This video by Rosco731 is over five years old, but has only exploded online over the weekend after appearing on Reddit. Now, it has quickly amassed over one million views, and has spread across the web, being featured by UpRoxx, HuffPost, TheAwesomer, and AndPop

In the short clip, a man demonstrates to the camera his disturbing ability of laughing without smiling. As some viewers, such as Edward Nyari, have pointed out, “Without knowing the title this is just a guy being really confused as someone else laughs at him.” 


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Apr 132013

Cdedman90 published this video focused on Wal-Mart greeter Mr. Willie of Maumelle, Arkansas back in December, but it has only gone viralviral this weekend. 

Mr. Willie is well known around the area for his upbeat attitude and general coolness. Instead of greeting shoppers like 99% of greeters–with a simple ‘hello’–Mr. Willie offers those entering the store a ‘BAM’ first bump. And they love it. 

“OK. Alright,” he says in an ever calming manner. 

Now, the web has fallen in love. In just one day the video has garnered more than a quarter million views. It seems they may have found the next everyday person to become a short lived Internet celebrity


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