Feb 042013

Last year, Will Ferrell made news online after appearing in a short Old Milwaukee commercial that only aired in very specific regions during the Superbowl.

It seems Old Milwaukee has attempted the same tactic this year and succeeded, as this commercial which aired only in Sherman, Texas; Ardmore, Oklahoma; and Glendive, Montana during the big game is now going viral.

The strange commercial features the silly Hollywood star randomly kissing an Asian woman on the bus with an Old Milwaukee can appearing in the frame for just a moment.


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Feb 042013

Oreo‘s are so good, people fight over which part is better–the two cookies, or the creme part of the iconic sandwich.

For their Superbowl advert, Oreo imagined a library where a massive riot breaks out over the cookie, yet everyone respects the ‘whisper-only’ policy of the library. Even the police and firefighters. 


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Feb 032013

Old Spice scored a touchdown with their latest commercial that aired on the Superbowl. In the usual fashion, a woman is seduced, not by gold, power, handsomeness, or a fancy car, but simply by the ‘irresistible‘ smell of Old Spice body spray. If only commercials were reality, we could all be James Bond with just a spritz of a scent. 


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Jan 312013

NSFW Warning – language

Eccentric YouTuber Ze Frank is continuing his ever popular ‘True Facts‘ series. In his latest episode, he has a mock conversation with the Leaf Katydid, an insect that dates back to prehistoric times as is evident by its creepy body camouflage. 


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Jan 302013

This short video clip which originated on the Chinese Internet has made its way to the Western web. The short clip captured as rooftop snow fell off a row of buildings in Shenyang, China in a truly ‘spectacular fashion.’

 As Nikita Shiekov says: “Looks like a progressively hard Guitar Hero song.” The clip has appeared on MSNVideo, DailyPicks, and HuffPost


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