Jul 052012

After the entire small town of Bethel, Alaska was successfully pranked with the news that they would finally be getting a Taco Bell of their own, Taco Bell wanted to try and make things right.

They couldn’t open a full time Taco Bell in the tiny town of just 6,200 residents, so they did the next best thing. They sent a Taco Bell truck packed with 10,000 Doritos Locos taco to town for everyone to have a communal Taco Bell Tuesday. The best part? The truck was delivered to the town center by helicopter

Read more on Consumerist and ABCNews.  


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Jul 052012

 must have been a truly ingenious child, because at the tender age of twelve he had the premonition to make a video for his future self.

Similar to the serious Dear 16 Year Old Me PSA but a lot more fun, Jeremiah has a very candid conversation with his younger self from the footage he left twenty years ago that’s pretty decent for a twelve year old planning for the future. It’s a fascinating experience jumping back and forth from ’92 to 2012.


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Jul 052012

Owning a pet raccoon is a dream of many kids, but the biting can really get tiresome. Luckily, this old man has the lab tested Hannah Montana Coon Repellent to keep from his furry bandit from biting him. 

Um, wtf is going on?

The video has just gone viral, is featured on Buzzfeed, GawkerReddit, HyperVocal, BroBible, and TheDailyWhat.


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Jul 022012

There’s no question Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen is this season’s hottest pop song to cover. There are literally countless cover music videos online. 

After being so overwhelmed by so many, Gorilla of  made a very special tribute to all the covers like only a gorilla can. Meh me meh me


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Jul 012012

As the mystery of science is understood more and more, we continue to learn not how special humans are, but rather, how we are really the same as all the over creatures of the Earth.

The latest discovery scientists hypothesize is that when rats are tickled, they laugh just like us. Of course you need a special device to hear the ultra-high pitched chirps of laughter, but there’s little mistaking that the rats enjoy the fun as they even chase the hand that tickles them. 

The video was provided to  by Dr. Panksepp, and is covered more on HuffingtonPostScience


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