May 022013

Remember the girl with the dancing eyebrows that went viralviral at the end of 2011? That original video stands with over 53 million views

Well, Sarah is apparently back in the spotlight after another video of her’s has hit the web.

In the new clip, the young actress performs multiple forms of saying, “You’re so sweet,” using an iPhone app. The phone does all the talking, she just perfectly adds in all the right personality and body language. 

Already, countless copies have been reuploaded as the video continues to trend online.


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May 012013
Everyone Looks Good Coming Out Of The Pool

The warm weather is finally here, and that means BBQs and pool parties. Brian and Nick held their first pool party of the season, and noticed something strange. 

Whenever someone emerged from the water, they looked super hot. At least for just a moment.

“For a second you were like CW hot.”

“Ya, I was coming out of the water. Everyone looks better that way.” 

Even Feefee the dog.

But what happens when everyone emerges from the pool at the same time? Nathan Fillion?


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Apr 302013

DeathEater365 is trending with this new short video, entitled RAF’S PERFECT GIRLFRIEND.

In the twenty second clip, a camera at the beach pans to the left to expose two pairs of legs facing each other. 

It quickly becomes apparent to viewers that the two are kissing. This idea is further promoted by the fact that the shoes apparently worn by the girl rise to their tippy-toes for the kiss. 

But then, she keeps rising into the air, until illusion is broken!


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Apr 302013

YouTuber SamWilber2 has gone viral since the weekend. In this short and sweet video, Sam shows the camera a quick and crazy optical illusion. How To Make Your Head Disappear.

The ridiculous seven second video has quickly collected over 125,000 views, and has appeared on HuffPost, VideoSift, and TastefullyO


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Apr 292013

More than eccentric YouTuber Ze Frank has again gone viral. In his latest video, entitled Teddy Has An Operation, Frank narrates as he performs the most disturbing, yet heartwarming, surgery on his Teddy bear. The soft music by Steven O’Brien only adds to the creepiness.

Viewer Chibai1223 couldn’t help but say, “This video is disturbingly touching.”

Still, viewers online are eating it up, as the new video has already collected over 1.1 million hits since debuting over the weekend. 


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