Jul 252012

‘s opening video, Scary Smash, for their new web series, Written By A Kid, was a great success. The original video currently stands with over a quarter million views. 

Now, they have teamed up with Internet popular Rhett and Link to bring to life Ceecee’s unique and strange story, titled Goth Boy.   


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Jul 242012

Finger foods are delicious, but some times getting your hands covered in thick, sticky BBQ sauce can be a darn right pain. Especially when napkins just can’t cut through the sticky goodness.

Thankfully, there’s Trongs, a new finger food utensil you ‘wear’ on your fingers. They grab foods like wings with ease and even tear through ribs.

The product has been out for a while, but their infomercial has gone viral in the past week, being covered on such sites as TheAwesomer, BlameItOnTheVoices, and PhillyBarStoolSports.


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Jul 232012

Swedish artist  is most famous for his outrageous ‘8-bit trip‘ video from 2009 that currently stand with over 12 million views.

He is planning a psychedelic sequel to his hit Lego video, but that means he’s going to need a lot of Legos. So he bought 100 boxes of Legos and sorted all the pieces. It’s no big deal. It only took over 71 hours!


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Jul 232012

The marketers at  have again hit a viral home run with their latest commercial, part of their I Believe In My Smelf advertisement campaign.

Apparently, to win all the first place medals — and most of the other ones — you just need to believe in your ‘smelf’. Tell that to Michael Phelps. 


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Jul 222012

Electronic Dubstep that those city kids listen to may be the furthest genre from country music, but this redneck, played by Bryan Mullins, loves it. 

In his obligatory camouflage wife beater and cut away short shorts jeans, he dances a crazy, psychedlic Dubstep dance fueled by his water downed hill billy beer. 

The video published by  has garnered over 47,000 hits over the weekend. 


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