Apr 302011

The world watched the fairytale Royal British wedding last Friday. When the happy couple kiss on the balcony everyone cheered. People just love happy endings. Images of the kiss were featured on newspaper headlines around the globe.


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Apr 182011

Speeches at weddings can get so dull and boring. We just want to eat and get drunk. Either we’re happy for the couple, so we get drunk. Or we are depressed that we’re alone… so we get drunk. We don’t want to hear your speech.

Well Best Man Rivas gives a short speech about how speeches are lame. So after just a minute he starts to do his own ‘evolution of dance’ dance for everyone for four longs minutes. Enjoy a fat, white guy booty shaking. Like the camera girl says, ‘O M G!’

The video is going viral on sites like Guyism, TasteLikePizza, and YouTubeTrends.


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Apr 162011

In honor of the royal British wedding that is coming up, T-Mobile made a fake royal wedding. They hired royal look a likes and to make it crazy spoofed the famous JK Wedding Entrance viral video. Instead of walking down the aisle in all seriousness, they dance like happy people. Great marketing T-Mobile.


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Mar 232011

Lots of people complain about their ‘worst cameraman’ experience. But this newlywed couple actually may have had the worst cameraman, literally. He was so bad, a judge ruled he had to pay almost double the initial payment back in fees from his ‘artwork’.

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