Oct 172011

Weddings are calm and peaceful event, void of screaming and fighting. Even when the person administering the wedding asks the classic questions,’If for any reason these two should not wed, speak now,’ no one expects anyone to say anything. That only happens in the movies. And apparently at this wedding. A man charges in a weird tuxedo wrestling uniform and attacks the groom. Don’t worry, it’s all a show, created by the New York improv group,


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Oct 132011

There’s nothing more precious than a cute flower girl. They like to take their job very seriously. Like the flower girl who went viral for picking up the flowers instead of dropping them, like she was on a flower Easter egg hunt. 

This flower girl is even more serious, and bossy. During the reception, she shushes other guests who are talking. But she takes it a step further and even shushes the pastor, and tells the photographer to step back. 



Thanks Shawn!!

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Oct 062011

Being a flower girl is almost always given to the youngest girls in the family. But if they are too young, they might not understand the task at hand if it’s not explained to them properly. Like at this wedding, the older sister drops flower petals, while her younger baby sister picks each petal up. The crowd can’t help but laugh and giggle at how adorable and precious the little flower girl is. The video was posted in January, but just went viral now, and is shared by JPMoore


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Aug 232011

Jamie knew she wanted her best friend Renee to be her bridesmaid for ages, but when the wedding finally arrived, she wasn’t able to attend. But that won’t stop friendship – we live in the future! Even though Renee couldn’t be a bridesmaid in person, she could be a virtual bridesmaid on an iPad. I have a feeling, as technology progresses, virtual surrogates will only become more common. Kind of reminds me of the iPad head girl


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Aug 152011

For over a year Shawn has been planning Operation White Cake. He knew he didn’t want to get married like everyone else, he wanted to make the occasion even more special for his girlfriend, Colleen. Her favorite movie is the Princess Bride, so he took many cues from the film. In addition, for months he secretly asked her what she would want at her wedding.

She doesn’t know it, but she planned her whole wedding. This is when it all goes down. The scary part is, she could not like it, or, worse, say no. Will there be a fairy tale happy ending? 


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