Dec 192012

Playing a countless weddings can really take its toll on the band. The same old songs over and over are so boring, and really suck the life and energy out of the musicians. 

That’s why Captain Vibe and his band like to sneak in some fun shenanigans when playing at weddings. Nothing to ruin the party, just some under the covers stuff to stay entertained. 

Like performing a Bossa Nova version of Metallica‘s classic rock song Enter Sandman. Even the hardest rock songs are smoothed out with a little Bossa Nova action. 


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Dec 102012

Gangnam Style has truly broken down all language barriers and cultural lines. The web has seen countless covers of the pop song of the year from around the globe, including Russian Style, Saudi Style, and more. 

Reaching as far as Saudi Arabia is difficult enough, but now PSY‘s catchy tune has even broken into the ultra conservative and tight knit Hasidic Orthodox Jewish world. No easy task.   

At a recent ultra Orthodox Jewish weddingGedalya Gottdenger caught a very real Jewish Hasidic parody cover of Gangnam Style being blasted on the speaker system that had the very religious men dancing like crazy. 


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Sep 132012

Of course, you’ve heard Gangnam Style by now, but the parodies continue to go viral.  made this epic Gangnam Style wedding music video for their cousin getting married in San Francisco.  

The new music video currently stands with over 166,000 views, and has been showcased by TheDailyWhat, TheDailyMail,  and DoobyBrain


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Jun 272012

It’s happened before and it will most likely happen again. As long as photographers insist wedding party photos on the dock are a beautiful idea, wedding parties will continue to fall into the water. These old docks just can’t hold our ever growing American waist bands. 

The latest broken dock during wedding pictures debacle was just published by  and already has over 655,000 views and a feature story on VideoGum.


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Jun 252012

In 2009,  became a permanent part of Internet history with their ultra popular I’m On A Boat rap song. Since then, there have been countless spoofs and parodies that have died down as time went by. 

That’s what makes this latest best man spoof so unexpected. Over three years after the original song debuted, Jarrett Juran surprised his brother getting married with a specially made I’m In A Wedding parody of the 2009 SNL hit song that he played at the wedding reception to the surprise of all the guests. 


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