Mar 192012

Little Donny may only be in the single digits age range, but he’s still one of the most sought after wedding dancers. Luckily for Yosef and Hilary, Donny let his guard down and blessed the dance floor with his epically adorable moves at their recent wedding. As they say, Mazel tov!! 


Thanks Yosef!

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Mar 052012

What happens to this poor woman is every girl’s nightmare. After the wedding ceremony, it is customary in most circles that the newlywed couple has a special entry to the formal party with music and attention.

But when this couple entered, the bride tripped, and something must have come undone, because he skirt fell too. She ended up running off in just her knickers with her new groom chasing after her. 


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Mar 042012

This viral video from last summer published by  just started to trend again now. At his July wedding to Cara, Jeff performed an epic wedding dance to Michael Jackson’s classic Smooth Criminal. Jeff started the dance alone, and slowly more people from the wedding party joined. Finally, the bride gets in on the dancing action too. 


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Feb 172012

Turning 100 years old is a very special milestone, but Dana Jackson wanted her birthday to be even more special. She decided to marry her best friend, 87 year old Bill Strauss. The two wed in the cafeteria of the Rosewood Health Care Center. Naturally,  brings us this very special video. 


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