Jun 152012

Remember the Internet famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance back in 2009? Well, there is finally some competition for having the most awesome and unique wedding celebration. 

Last weekend’s Jaquette & Perkins wedding was a lovely affair like most weddings. But it got a special sports-lovers kick when it was discovered that 1990’s Chicago Bulls announcer Ray Clay was in the house.

The bridal party introductions was truly a one of a kind event. The video is featured on TheDailyWhatSportsGrid, and DeadSpin


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May 292012

Pachebel’s Canon in D is one of the world’s most famous pieces of classic music, and a favorite for weddings. But if you ask any professional cellist they will tell you it’s also the most boring piece to play. 

Thankfully, the string musicians group  has made a special ‘remix‘ of the classic tune to make things a little more upbeat and cheerful. 


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May 082012

One of the main highlights of getting married, after the whole marriage thing of course, is the big first dance. Everyone waits for the new bride and groom to perform either a slow, romantic dance, or pull off some other crazy shtick. 

The Vanhorns knew they wanted to really shock their guest at their wedding, so they practiced a full swing dance performance from the times of big band music. Having great taste, they chose Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman.  


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Apr 302012

Kenny and Selma couldn’t make it to the wedding, so they left a special video to be played later. They leave the bride and groom with five adorable senior citizen tips for a happy and successful marriage. Their video exploded online today, being featured on CBSNews, Jezebel, TheDailyWhat, and Tosh.0.


Grandparents Send Awesome And Awkward Wedding Toasts – Watch More Funny Videos

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