Oct 062015
The Terrifying Truth Behind The Wedding Business

Most people have an idea how much a new car should cost, and take their time shopping around. But it’s not the same with a wedding. Since getting married is such an emotional event and most of us haven’t ordered 300 roses and 100 catered chicken dinners, we have no idea how much it should cost and if we are getting ripped off. And that’s exactly how the wedding industry wants things to stay explains Cracked


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Oct 012015
100 Years Of Wedding Dresses

Women have been wearing white during their wedding for ages. But that doesn’t mean the dress has looked the same. Just over the past 100 years, the style of wedding dresses have evolved and changed many times. 

Mode covers the past 100 years of wedding dresses in this trending video


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Sep 222015
Little Girl Adorably Explains The Rules Of Being Flower Girl To Dad

JoJo Lomelino is quickly becoming an Internet star. It was only last week when she went viral after adorably explainging to her dad that she can’t be a princess with a crown and pretty dress. That video has over 1.5 million views! Now, she is trending again after telling her dad the rules of being a flower girl. This new clip has over one million hits!


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Sep 122015
Bride And Groom Perform Stunning Dance To ‘Spell On You’

Remember a few days ago when Justin and Jill Willman went viral with their hilarious drunk story of how they met? Now, this new video from their wedding has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million hits already! The two performed a gorgeous dance to the classic hit song I Put a Spell on You. Simply stunning. 


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Aug 172015
Professional Dancer Groom Puts On Epic Dance For His Bride At Their Wedding

It seems Kirk and Valerie were simply meant to be. They both are professional dancers and often perform together. So during their wedding, it was no surprise Kirk put on an unexpected dance performance with his groomsmen to a pop music medley. Their epic dance performance has instantly gone viral with over 300,000 new views!


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