Oct 242013
Buying Bottled Water Is Like Buying Bottled Air PSA

Finally, after years of marketing, the masses have been conditioned to pay for what was once a completely free item. Water. 

Even though many bottled ‘spring’ waters have been found to be dirtier than tap water, the people don’t seem to know or really care. They’re perfectly willing to pay more for bottled water per gallon than gas.

To combat this mindset, Australian water company Yarra Valley Water has commissioned this sarcastic PSA to demonstrate just how ridiculous it is to buy bottled water. Almost as stupid as buying bottled air. 

Bottled air…? Hmm. Actually that seems like a lucrative untapped market…. 


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Oct 162013
Ocean Waves Toss Man Around Boat’s Living Room

Like the Starship Enterprise, it seems the engineers of this boat‘s living quarters also forgot to include seat belts, or even bolt the furniture down. 

The riders realized this the hard way after stormy seas literally threw one man around the room like a fish out of water.

The ridiculous clip by posted online Kassidy1964 is trending after being featured by popular sites, such as TheAwesomer, VideoSift, and b3ta.

Regular viral videos viewers might be reminded of another speedboat video


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Oct 042013
Speed Kayaking Down A Drainage Ditch

Adrenaline junky and avid kayaker Ben Marr is going viral after this brand new video, published by jam vidz, hit the web. 

In the heart-racing video, Ben speeds down a drainage ditch in his kayak, accelerating to speeds over 55 km/h, or about 35 mph. 

The viral clip has collected over a quarter million views in just one day after being featured on VideoSift and Reddit, and has subsequently spread to other sites, such as HuffPost, WhatsTrending, and Neatorama.


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Sep 302013
Floating Water Bridge In Russia Is A Daring Drive

As the web knows to well, the rules of the road are much different in Mother Russia

Andrew Semushin experienced this fact first hand as he attempted to drive over a rickety pontoon water bridge to cross the Nadym River.

His dash camera caught the entire nail-biting drive as the ‘road’ sank when huge truck attempted to pass him, and water flooded and stalled a car in front of him. 


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Sep 122013
College Bro Catches Fish Using His Hair As Line

While enjoying the last bit of summer as school swings into full gear, Cabot Phillips and his Liberty University friends performed the unthinkable.

Fishing using one’s hair as the fishing line!

Surprisingly, after tying a fishing hook to the end of Jake’s long hair, Jake simply lowered his biological fishing line to the lake and in no time caught a decent sized fish

Time for a fish fry!


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