May 122013

As their name suggests, Amsterdam In Video specializes in all things Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Over the weekend, their first video to go viral hit the trending charts, amassing 85,000 views in just a matter of days.

In the short video, which roughly translates to Helmsmanship the canal, an extremely long passenger boat attempts to make too sharp of a turn to Amsterdam’s narrow canals. To a passerby, the boat seemed to be heading directing into the canal wall! 

But at the last moment, the captain turned the engines to the left as far as possible and hit the gas. Incredibly, the boat sailed through the narrow canal without even the slightest hiccup.

YouTuber ForsakenMadMan appropriately retitles the video, “Amsterdam drift.”


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Mar 122013

Waterproof camera specialist and nature enthusiast Ethan Janson mounted his GoPro camera on an old windsurf board, and let it float in the waters at Puget Sound, Washington.

When  he retrieved his camera, he discovered adorable footage of newly weaned harbor seal pups trying their best to climb onto the slippery, wet surfboard. 

Now, the video from last weekend is going viral, and is featured on TheWeatherChannel, LaughingSquid, DailyPicksAndFlicks, and MostWatchedDaily.  


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Mar 112013

Professional diver Rick Coleman was night diving when he found an adorable surprise waiting for him on his kayak when he emerged from the waters.

At first, the cute sea lion pup scared him enough to literally scream out loud. “Oh my God you scared me!”

After a few moments, he realized the baby sea lion wouldn’t leave, so he climbed in and called his friend. She couldn’t believe it.

In the end, he paddled all the way back to shore where animal rescued helped the little guy warm up. In 45 minutes, the pup was already back in the water. 

He caught the whole scene on his GoPro camera, and now the footage is going viral. The video is featured on Today, TastefullyO, ClipNation, and DiveBuddy


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Feb 282013

John Elerick, most famous from the popular online series The Gentlemen’s Rant, has finally made it big. He and Matt Damon, as in the big time Hollywood actor, teamed up to promote and support’s conservation campaign

The two of them compete in the humorous spot over who cares more about saving water and the environment. 


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