May 052014
The ‘Drinkable Book’ Of Water Filters Will Change The World

The Gift Of Water has unveiled the ‘Drinkable Book,’ a life saving tool that may change the developing world. The Drinkable Book is a book containing pages that are actually technologically advanced water filter paper. Each page is capable of offering a person clean, safe, filtered water for 30 days, the entire book can provide someone with clean water for 4 years.


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Apr 282014
Cute Seal Loves Getting Belly Rub

Seals really are water-dogs. Scuba diver Jason Neilus experienced how similar seals are to Man’s best friend when he went diving by the Ferne Islands in the United Kingdom. The curious seals his diving group stumbled upon seemed to act just like dogs would, curiously smelling the divers in a friendly way. It’s no surprise the seals loved getting a belly rub


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Nov 052013
Two Fishermen Help Killer Whale Beached On Rocks

While shrimp fishing, fishermen Jason and Nick of Vonick1 encountered a killer whale beached on the rocks near the Prince of Whales island in southeast Alaska.

Without thinking of their own safety, they immediately jumped into action to help the great predator, pouring water on the exposed dorsal fin, and eventually helping free it after many hours of work. 

The two discussed their amazing experience with RightThisMinute



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Nov 032013
Recovery Of SUV Stuck In Mud Goes Seriously Wrong

This dramatic clip from the Australian rugged expedition television show All 4 Adventures has gone viral. 

While searching for new fishing spots on the coast, adventurers Jase and Simon got stuck in a sticky situation. Literally. 

One of the SUV’s quickly sunk in wet mud while attempting to cross some water tracks. With the tide coming in fast and help six hours away, their only option was to pull it out with the other truck

That’s when things went from bad to worse. 


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Oct 242013
Buying Bottled Water Is Like Buying Bottled Air PSA

Finally, after years of marketing, the masses have been conditioned to pay for what was once a completely free item. Water. 

Even though many bottled ‘spring’ waters have been found to be dirtier than tap water, the people don’t seem to know or really care. They’re perfectly willing to pay more for bottled water per gallon than gas.

To combat this mindset, Australian water company Yarra Valley Water has commissioned this sarcastic PSA to demonstrate just how ridiculous it is to buy bottled water. Almost as stupid as buying bottled air. 

Bottled air…? Hmm. Actually that seems like a lucrative untapped market…. 


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