Mar 182014
Waiter For The Homeless Social Experiment Will Make You Smile

Public Prank left the gags and silliness behind to do some good

Dressed as a five star waiter, DJ walked the streets of downtown offering homeless people fancy dinners on a silver platter. 

The shock and happiness an unexpected dinner prompts is just awesome.


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Oct 282013
Tipping A Waitress $200

The viral community has seen pranksters give extravagant tips before, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from feeling uplifting and inspired by this latest video by Give Back Films.

The relatively new charity-themed YouTube channel simply went out to eat and gave their waitress a massive $200 tip!

After confessing who they were, the shocked waitress admitted she was familiar with their work.

“Oh my goodness, I totally watched that video too,” the emotional mother of two said while holding back tears. 

Hey Internet! More of this!


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Sep 162013
Tipping Servers $200

Online pranksters Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Stuart Edge have executed enough pranks to be YouTube famous. 

Now the two want to give back after pulling so many obnoxious tricks and gags on people. Knowing how rough restaurant servers have it, the two went out to eat and left a very generous tip. 

A $200 tip!

Naturally, the servers were beyond thrilled. More of these pranks please. This is what the Internet needs. 


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Dec 142011

Waiters carrying outrageously large trays of beers is a pretty common occurrence to see at bars around the world, especially in Germany. But next time, just make two trips instead of dropping all that precious beer on the ground. The video is shared on VideoGum


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