Jan 282014
Volkswagen Engineers Gets Their Wings Superbowl 2014 Commercial

In 2011, Volkswagen unofficially ‘won’ the Superbowl of ads with their adorable boy Darth Vader commercial.  

They are fighting to regain the spotlight with this early release of their 2014 game day ad.

While driving with his daughter, a father explains that a German engineer gets his wings every time a VW surpasses 100,000 miles. 

Who knew that the fable was actually true?

Will this year’s ad perform as their other successes in the past? Only time will tell. 


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Nov 022013
Walk Off The Earth Performs ‘Gang Of Rhythm’ On VW Beatle

Canadian rock band Walk off the Earth, most famous for their viral cover of Gotye’s hit single Somebody That I Used To Know, is again trending online. 

They teamed up with Volkswagen to cover their 2012 song Gang Of Rhythm using the new 2014 Volkswagen Beetle as an instrument. The music video is visually and aurally lovely to say the least. 


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Sep 202013
Volkswagen ‘Take On Me’ Inspired Commercial

Volkswagen has gone viral with their new commercial inspired by the A-ha’s hit single Take On Me from the 1980′s. Nostalgic viewers are loving the rough pencil-style animation, helping the ad already amass over 300,000 views over the past work week. 

The commercial is further reviewed on NYDailyNews, Mashable, and LaughingSquid.


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Jan 292013

To promote their all-new Beetle, Volkswagen has published this ‘sunny’ commercial set to air during the Superbowl. Like nearly all offices around the country, Dave’s office is rather gloomy around Mondays. Thankfully, he has a bright new cheery attitude that is definitely contagious. 


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Jan 282013

It seems the trend this Superbowl season is to mix the web with the TV world. More and more advertisers are turning to YouTube stars to act in their commercials.

Volkswagen is one of them. They ingeniously enlisted a slew of B-level viral stars that were crying or freaking out in their original videos, and with a little help from Jimmy Cliff, made everyone happy in their Sunny Side game day video.


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