Apr 082014
Charles Trippy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Alli

Charles Trippy and his girlfriend Alli of CTFxC have long been the quintessential YouTube couple. They’ve been going out for years, and even got engaged and married on YouTube. 

But life has a way of ending the good times. Sadly, Charles has just announced that he and Alli are breaking up. They hope to remain friends, especially as Charles continues to battle cancer. 

Charles has confirmed there was no cheating going on. 

“And of course Alli did not cheat on me,” he said on YouTube. 

No matter how you feel about the break up, Charles and Alli ask you keep things civil. 

“I really hope people can continue being mature and civil without speaking poorly of alli or Charles,” they both said


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Apr 022014
What If Life Were A Video

What if life was a video? What if you could fast forward through boring conversations at work to get to lunch quicker? Or add background music while on a date?

The struggle of being understood would be over. If you said something stupid you could simply rewind and try again!

That’s exactly the fantasy Ashley Mardell, aka YouTuber HeyThere005, imagines and discusses in this trending video


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Oct 092013
Philip DeFranco Announces His Fiance Is Pregnant

Philip DeFranco, most famous for hosting the popular Philip DeFranco Show, has great news to share with the Internet.

He and his fiance Lindsey are going to have a baby!

The positive pregnant news is spreading further than his usual audience, going viral across the general YouTube community. 


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Oct 082013
John Green Signs Up For Private Insurance And Obamacare Insurance

The debate over the Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare, continues to rage on, even if most Americans don’t really have a grasp of what’s going on.

To help viewers better understand the situation, John Green of the popular Vlog Brothers channel attempted to sign up for both the public insurance of Obamacare and private insurance. 

The resulting video of his experience is quickly spreading across the web. 


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