Sep 302015
Country Man Is Unapologetically Southern

 Chad Prather is a proud Southerner. But after getting messages and comments on his videos about his Southern accent he finally had enough and decided to make this rant where he explains he’s unapologetically Southern. 

This video has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Mar 092015
Philip DeFranco Gets Married And Has An Awesome YouTube Wedding

Most people on YouTube are familiar with Philip DeFranco who hosts the popular Philip DeFranco Show which has over 3.4 million subscribers. Over the weekend, Phil married his long time girlfriend Lindsay Doty.

YouTube vlogger Charles Trippy was at the wedding and captured all the fun. Many other famous YouTubers were guests at the wedding, including Flula, The Fine Brothers, Rhett and Link, Shay Carl, Michael Buckley, and more. How many YouTubers do you recognize? 


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Oct 152014
Vlogger Skips Rocks On Frozen Lake, Creates Coolest Sound

YouTube Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams has a slightly popular vlog channel with over 100,000 subscribers. But this new video has exploded online with over 2 million views. While exploring the woods with his girlfriend in Anchorage, Alaska, he decided to stop for a rock skipping detour at the lake. But when he threw the rock on the frozen lake he created an awesome, space-like sound. His reaction is priceless. Skip to 3:30 if you’re impatient. 


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Apr 232014
Congrats To Philip DeFranco On Having A Baby Compilation

Philip DeFranco was one of the first professional vloggers on YouTube and stands with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube alone. So when he has a kid it’s kind of a big deal online. After the news that Phil and Lindsay had a baby hit the web, a slew of famous YouTubers and friends–such as iJustine, Michael Buckley, and more–sent in clips of congratulations that was put together into this compilation.  

Congrats Philly D!


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Apr 082014
Charles Trippy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Alli

Charles Trippy and his girlfriend Alli of CTFxC have long been the quintessential YouTube couple. They’ve been going out for years, and even got engaged and married on YouTube. 

But life has a way of ending the good times. Sadly, Charles has just announced that he and Alli are breaking up. They hope to remain friends, especially as Charles continues to battle cancer. 

Charles has confirmed there was no cheating going on. 

“And of course Alli did not cheat on me,” he said on YouTube. 

No matter how you feel about the break up, Charles and Alli ask you keep things civil. 

“I really hope people can continue being mature and civil without speaking poorly of alli or Charles,” they both said


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