Feb 222014
Scary Big Foot Prank

The legend of Big Foot is still a popular myth. And it’s because of pranks like this that so many people believe in the crypto-monster. 

Famous YouTuber Vitalyzd traveled to a small town where these types of legends are pervasive and convinced the locals, and even the local news channel, that Big Foot was attacking their city


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Jan 162014
Russian Hitman Holding Hostage In Elevator Prank

The Internet knows that Russians are scary.

So it’s no surprise people on their way to a supposed job interview ran when the elevator doors opened and they discovered a Russian hit man brutally dealing with his hostage.

Don’t worry. It’s just prankster Vitalyzd up to his usual antics again.


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Nov 032013
YouTube Prankster Vitaly Helps Homeless Man Get New Set Of Teeth

Back in July, YouTube prankster Vitaly gave a random homeless man named Martin a makeover, including a haircut, new clothes, a steak dinner, and more.

That video stands with over 5.8 million views!

Though he is doing a bit better, Vitaly couldn’t forget how Martin dreamed of getting his teeth fixed. 

For an epic part 2 to the makeover, Vitaly surprised Martin with the news that he was granting his wish. The extraction surgery and new dentures would have cost over $10,000, but with Vitaly’s help, the kind doctors waived the fee. 


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Oct 152013
The Gold Digger Test

Now that Russian YouTube prankster Vitalyzd has grown so popular, he has a problem most men wish for. Girls are much more interested in him.

Problem is, he can’t be sure if they are gold diggers after his YouTube fame and success or not, so he contrived a test.

He asked one girl at the beach who caught his eye if she would go out with him, and only after getting the cold shoulder did he open his (most likely rented) Lamborghini and ask a second time. 

Funny how the girl had an instant change of heart, offering to go to a bar down the street right then and there. 


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Sep 272013
Beating Up ‘Homeless Man’ To Test ByStander Effect Prank

YouTube pranksters Roman Atwood, Vitaly, Dennis, and Jack Ass famous Steve-O teamed up to test the infamous bystander effect in Los Angeles

With Steve-O dressed as a homeless man, the three others took turns kicking, pushing, and beating him up on a crowded street to test passersby. 

Over and over, a watchful crowd would grow, but few would act to stop the beating. When the Good Samaritans finally did act, Sam Macaroni dressed as a cheesy game show host would interrupt the chaos and let them in on the prank

The helpers were shocked to not only find out they were on a hidden camera show, but the homeless man they ‘saved’ was MTV celebrity Steve-O.


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