May 212013

Scott Bradlee and his group specialize in recreating pop music wonders with a vintage twist. They last trended online in February with their Old Time Jazzy Cover Of Thrift Shop which stands with over 1.8 million views.

They continue remaking today’s hits with a flavor of the past with this new cover of PSY’s new hit single Gentleman with a vintage gatsby twist. 


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May 132013

Juansa Jackson published this video six weeks ago, but it has only been trending since last weekend. Incredibly, the video has amassed over one million views just over the past few days.

Of course, once one takes into account that the video features a young Michael Jackson practicing his dance moves during rehearsal, it makes sense as to why the clip has attracted so much attention.


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May 122013

This vintage clip of Michael Jackson and Oprah has been trending over the weekend decades after the event. Michael sings a very special a cappella performance of Who Is It for Oprah back when they both were on top of the world.


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Apr 162013

EVERYTHING lS TERRIBLE specializes in overly cheap and corny videos from the past. They published this hilarious The Internet Explained back in January, but it has only gone viral now.

The clip is a shorten version of the Real People’s Guide To The Internet, and an apparent video guide for the web from the 1990′s. It’s so cheesy, it’s questionable whether it is an authentic relic from the past, or simply a parody of such. 


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Apr 152013

PetTube published this vintage pet video over the weekend, entitled The BEST Listening Dog in the WORLD, and already it has garnered over 475,000 views.

In the video, a cowboy shows off his very well behaved and trained dog to his friend. His country friend is especially impressed by how great of an apparent listener the pup is, only performing his tricks at the precise moment his master specifically says so. 


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