Feb 142013

Back in the 60′s, CBS had an interesting show about the exciting future, The 21st Century, hosted by the famous TV personality of the time Walter Cronkite.

Matt Novak has gotten hold of a few vintage clips from the classic show, and posted this Walter Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001 video a month ago that now stands with over a quarter million hits

In the video, Cronkite tours the then futuristic home of the 21st century. Amazingly, many of the predictions from forty years ago, such as how home offices would be equipped with multiple screens that offer instant access to weather, stocks, news, entertainment, and more, have obviously come to fruition. 

The video is reminiscent of the AT&T commercials of the 90′s that also correctly prophesied our contemporary world.  

Read more on Smithsonian.


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Feb 122013

NSFW – Language

Brian Spinney published this music video a week ago, and already it has collected over 250,000 views. He claims back in his high school days he helped his pastor make this church outreach rap music video, Rappin’ for Jesus

The video has such a vintage touch–with all the famous VHS-style signs of aging–it seems questionable if it is as authentic as Brian claims, and is not just a new humorous video made specifically for Internet views. 

The video, and the debate over its legitimacy, now has been featured on RedditWebProNews, BuzzFeedHuffPost, BlameItOnTheVoices, and BarStoolSports


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Feb 122013

Scott Bradlee just posted this cover of Macklemore‘s web famous Thrift Shop that has instantly gone viral. The Postmodern Jukebox quartet cover the viral rap song with a one of a kind ‘grandpa style,’ jazz age twist that is simply tickling viewers’ ears like no other cover before.  


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Jan 232013

Ken45ken posted this older news clip way back in 2006, and slowly over the years, it has accumulated over 2.7 million views. The report is about James Prince, or as most people call him, the Backwards Bowler. 

He bowled backwards on a bet one night, and as oppose to when he would bowl in the regular forward position, he actually scored a strike! Since then, he has faced scrutiny over his ‘horseplay,’ but in the end he has persevered, and now has his own local fan base. 

He was even featured on Japanese TV a few years back as well.


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Jan 212013

Back in 1994, professional tennis players Andre Agassi and Boris Becker were both at the top of their game, and faced each other, head to head.

After much struggling, Becker seemed at his wit’s end. After two big mistakes, he threw up his airs in surrender, and handed his racket over to a very shocked ball girl. 

Amazingly, she took to the court, and after just a few volleys, scored on Andre! Now, this very dated clip which was posted by Flyguga back in 2011 has started to trend over the weekend. 


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