Jul 242013

You may have thought you heard the last of one-hit-wonder princess Carly Rae Jepsen after her recent viral video of her fail opening pitch, but she’s not that easy to get rid of.

Though the Web has long been tired of the viral hit single Call Me Maybe, popular cover band Scott Bradlee and The Postmodern Jukebox is bringing it back to the center stage with their new vintage cover of the pop song with a 1927-themed twist. 


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Jul 172013

There are few things more emotional for a dad than their grown son giving them the car of their dreams. 

Twenty-four years ago, Rick Lookebill had to part with his first car, a beautiful 1972 Mustang MACH 1. After hearing his dad talk about the car recently with great nostalgia, his sons decided to try their best to get the car back. And they succeeded. 

After being published at the end of May, the video of the car reveal is going viral now again. 

And, yes, everyone is annoyed by little screaming Peyton. 


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Jun 182013

The original family film The Wizard Of Oz had aged very well since originally debuting in 1939.

But most people can’t seem to put their finger on why though, so to help viewers better understand its underlying thesis, The Onion film critic Peter K. Ronsenthal deconstructs the movie in this new review.

Even though he is being terribly sarcastic, as The Onion does best, it’s hard to disagree with his take on the timeless classic. 


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Jun 022013

Every now and then, a video from the past will appear online, giving viewers a glimpse into the past. 

Back in 2007, Chris Iller posted this video he took waay back in 1987 in the middle of the night at a 7-11 near Disney World. In the video, he and his buddies goof off in the convenience store, interviewing late night customers and just having a gay old time.

Everything about the video literally screams the 80’s, from the women’s hair-styles, to the people smoking indoors, to the Big Gulps costing only 59 cents. 


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May 212013

Scott Bradlee and his group specialize in recreating pop music wonders with a vintage twist. They last trended online in February with their Old Time Jazzy Cover Of Thrift Shop which stands with over 1.8 million views.

They continue remaking today’s hits with a flavor of the past with this new cover of PSY’s new hit single Gentleman with a vintage gatsby twist. 


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