Mar 262012

It’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between actual 1940′s vintage video and parody of the classic era. In this video published by , the narrator’s voice over is so stereotypical, and the ‘exercise’ machines are so ridiculous, it’s almost hard to imagine that this was a real segment on women’s physical health. If only exercise was as easy as these strange machines make it seem.


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Feb 292012

The end of the 1980′s was when home computing and networking was still in its infant stage. That was when email was still called ‘electronic-mail.’ It was also a time when ‘computer virus’ was still a very new and scary thing.

And the media took full advantage of that. This vintage news report from 1988 reports about a computer virus that infected MIT’s network is so overly dramatic and cheesy, it’s comical in today’s world. 


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Feb 172012

Videos like this is what YouTube was made for. The vintage clip features a 1990′s “Jewfro-bulous boy” in his basement performing some sweet dunks on his toy basketball hoop. The video is from the Genesis of YouTube, all the way back in 2006, but just went viral this morning after being featured on Reddit


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Feb 162012

This vintage Sesame Street clip from 1984 went viral last October, and is resurfacing now after being featured on TheFW. The 80′s was really the Genesis of home computing, so Sesame Street had a special on the new technology. A group of New York school children were asked what a computer is. Their answers are enlightening and, interestingly, not much different than what a child today would say. 


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Feb 142012

Pat Sajak recently made headlines when he admitted on a TV interview that in the early days of Wheel Of Fortune he would host the show drunk. Now this vintage clip of a much younger (and possibly drunk) Pat Sajak has surfaced online of him dropping his pants at the closing of the show. The video is featured on Guyism


Thanks CW!

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