Aug 152012

This video was made in 1995 by the 5th grade students at Ray Bjork school in Helena Montana, and a copy was uploaded to YouTube in 2009. But only now has it gone viral.

Appropriately, the student-made PSA is about the Interent, and how it’s going to change how we work, study, and have fun. They even touch on all the feline obsessing. 

Much like the AT&T commercials from the same era, the PSA accurately predicted the Internet. Back then we knew what was ahead, just the RAM, CPU’s, and bandwidth weren’t there yet. 

The video is featured on DogAndPonyShow, LaughingSquidDailyWhat, and TheAtlantic


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Jul 302012

This Commodore 64 parody video was published over a month ago by gamer and 80’s obsessed  channel, but it has only just gone viral over the past weekend.

If kids these days even saw the original Grand Theft Auto, they would scoff at the relatively archaic graphics and sound. But that’s nothing compared to this spot on spoof of what GTA: Vice City would look like if it was released in the 80’s when the Commodore 64 golden era was taking place. 

The video is featured on RockStarGamesKotaku, and TheAwesomer.


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Jun 132012

Back in the 80’s, only a lucky few families had their own camcorders. And usually, dad wouldn’t allow anyone near the expensive device with a ten foot pole.

Weird Paul was one of the lucky few to get to play with their family camcorder, and loved to make amazingly very YouTube-style videos. He even did what has even been spoofed on the show Community, a food review.

In 1984, wearing glorious glasses, young Paul reviewed his yummy Sunday morning McDonald’s breakfast that has now gone viral 28 years later in a whole new format. Amazing. The video is featured on Neatorama and Gizmodo


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May 262012

Any self respecting gamer and/or sports fan from the 90’s has fond memories of the Midway hit game NBA JAM. 

Sports channel  took some of last year’s slam dunk footage of Blake Griffin, and gave them a retro NBA JAM style face lift.

The results? “He’s on fire!


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May 042012

Before the official Internet, there were many other networks that gave it their best, but ultimately failed. One great example is the ahead of its time Viewtron System by AT&T.

The Viewtron System was only launched in specific markets, like Florida, and gave users one of the first telephone-based information services. Similar to the widespread dial up of the early 90’s, users could check stocks, weather, sports, and other information, all in the early years of 1983. 

But like so many technologies born ahead of their time, the Viewtron ultimately failed, and was cancelled in 1986. The vintage 1983 commercial video for the the Viewtron just published by AT&T is featured on LaughingSquid and Gizmodo


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