Apr 022013

A week ago, AweMeChannel published this art piece by Chris Carlson, and already it stands with over 95,000 views.

Chris creates a very familiar block image with just chalk that viewers instantly recognize as the player’s screen for Tetris. He not only creates the famous video game in 3D, but also uses stop motion to create a short film of the 3D game in ‘action.’


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Mar 282013

Nostalgia nerds are loving this week old faux-trailer for Pokémon Snap: The Movie. Already, the fake trailer by GrittyReboots has over 475,000 views, and is featured on Kotaku, StuffIStoleFromTheInternet, and GekoSystem

YouTuber Bren Tenkage says, “Oh man, I would so watch this if this was a real movie.”


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Mar 262013

To promote the newest iteration of their Tiger Woods PGA Tour annual series, EA SPORTS enlisted celebrity golfers Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods to star in this action packed commercial. The two legends fight off a horde of criminals to hold onto their golfing trophies in this new video that has already collected over half a million hits


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Mar 222013

Nuropsych1 published this video last week, but it has only exploded online a few days ago. In a sudden burst, the video has collected over half a million hits, and continues to trend through the weekend. 

The Minecraft obsessed nerd built his greatest, most intricate creation in the popular brick building video game, featuring an elaborate Beetle Juice-themed roller coaster with a POV perspective for viewers to ‘ride.’


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Mar 212013

Back in 2008, when YouTube was just starting to get hot, musically talented nerd Sam Hart went viralviral with his adorable, touching, and nerdy original song Mario Kart Love Song.

That music video currently stands with over 8 million views

Being the youngest and most hip late night host on television, it was no surprise Jimmy Fallon recently teamed up with his guest Selena Gomez to cover Sam’s song on his Late Night program.

Already, the two day old video has collected over half a million views


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