May 032012

As the Internet continues to grow, so does cosplaying, an art form when fans dress up as famous fictional character, usually from the fantasy and action genres. 

This Japanese man in an Iron Man suit may have won the Internet and all cosplay competition till the end of time. His suit looks 100% Hollywood movie set ready, and it even has real moving parts! The face mask open and closes, the eyes even light up, and more!

The video is going viral after being featured on Kotaku, Reddit, and IGN.


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Apr 232012

This isn’t the first time it’s been done, but nerds at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have successfully hacked one of the campus building and played Tetris ‘on’ it

Apparently without permission, a few students somehow managed to turn the famous campus Green Building into a Tetris board on Friday night, and played a few rounds. The video is covered on BostonInno and MSN.


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Apr 192012

After being trendy back in 2009, sales of the Smart Car have slumped in the US. But Smart is hoping to capitalize on high gas prices with their new all electric Smart Car. 

To show off their new EV, Smart set up a huge exhibit at the Frankfurt Motorshow in Germany, where two electric Smart Cars were outfitted to control a pong game being displayed on a large screen.

Since the high torque motors have such strong initial acceleration, the new EVs were perfect for some fast paced video game action. The video is covered on Gizmodo and Devour


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