May 112012

 had a Blue Jay ‘neighbor’ during college that would bang on the window in the early morning and harass him and his roommate. The only solution was to feed the Jay peanuts on the window sill. 

After recording the bird,  added 8-bit style video games sound effects to the video. Now go back in time to 1988, and play some Bird Eat Peanuts!


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May 092012

Just when you thought the firestorm that is Angry Birds finally calmed down on the Internet, this amateur video tour of the new Angry Birds Land pops up. 

Located in Finland’s Särkänniemi Adventure Park, Angry Birds Land features twelve rides, games, food, and all the other fun amusement park attractions you’d expect. Naturally, there is Angry Birds screens waiting to be played all over the park.

The video is featured on LaughingSquid, GeekOSystem, and HuffingtonPost


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May 032012

As the Internet continues to grow, so does cosplaying, an art form when fans dress up as famous fictional character, usually from the fantasy and action genres. 

This Japanese man in an Iron Man suit may have won the Internet and all cosplay competition till the end of time. His suit looks 100% Hollywood movie set ready, and it even has real moving parts! The face mask open and closes, the eyes even light up, and more!

The video is going viral after being featured on Kotaku, Reddit, and IGN.


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