Apr 092012

 partnered with EOnline and Community star, Joel McHale, to make a viral video promotion for the Nintendo 3DS. They followed the footsteps of Smart Water and Jennifer Aniston by not messing with the viewer, and just admitting that the video is a commercial in a humorous, ironic way.

By being lighthearted, and fun, Nintendo has been somewhat successful, already being featured on YouTubeTrends, Mashable, MSNBC, and StuffIStole.


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Apr 012012

Dubstep electronic music is all the rage online, and Nintendo is following the crowd. Coming this summer, Nintendo plans on releasing a Dubstep Nintendo themed dance game on the 3DS.

 did such a good job on the video, this writer had to double check the date to make sure it was an April Fools gag. 


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Mar 312012

More and more companies are playing along with April Fools online, making fake blog posts, funny videos, and prank programs. Even legendary Google has jumped on board this year with their latest Nintendo style Google Maps application. Now you can search the world in gloriously retro 8-bit graphics, just like Google would have looked in the early 90′s if it existed.  


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Mar 242012

The latest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Space, is finally here! The official trailer for the game that was published this week already has more than 2.4 million views. 




In case you are confused, here is the official story behind the latest viral game.


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Mar 232012

Our nerdy friends at  must have been so engrossed in an epic StarCraft 2 game for a really long time, because they only now made this very late-to-the-party Sexy And I Know It parody.

Popular music producer KurtHugoSchneider helped create the hit StarCraft 2 themed music video that has instantly gone viral in SC and nerd communities. 


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