Jun 262012

Artist Chris Carlson, with the help of photographer Mike Larremore, spent 11 grueling hours on the sidewalk creating a beautiful Super Mario Bros. themed 3D art piece. The time lapse video is already featured on GameTrailers, Reddit, and WebProNews

Check out some extra pics and angles of the piece. 


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Jun 212012

This student video game trailer published by  last month just went viral today after being featured on Reddit and IndieGameMag.

In Perspective, gamers control a hybrid of a first person view typical in shooter games, and a 2D platformer. As you manipulate the perspective of the first person camera, the 2D platformer on the wall is affected, allowing the little man to traverse where once impossible. 


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Jun 122012

POrtal 2, the popular first person shooter teleporting puzzle game, was released a year ago, so the hype has really calmed since it’s original debut.

But that doesn’t make ‘s latest in-real-life POrtal themed short film any less cool, titled POrtal: Terminal Velocity.


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Jun 112012

World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. is probably the most famous video game level of all time. Even non-gamers recognize the iconic music, sound effects, and look of the classic 80′s side scroller. 

There are countless remakes and tributes to 1-1, but none as realistic or dark as BlueMasters studios‘ latest titled Super Modern Mario Bros that is featured on Geekologie, BroBible, and GeekoSystem


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Jun 062012

NSFW Warning - language 

South Park quickly jumped into video games back in 2000 when it just started its journey to become one of the most popular adult-themed cartoons ever. 

Now,  has stormed this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo with this viral trailer for their newest game, South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Yes, please!


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