Jul 162013

Video game reviews are a dime a dozen on YouTube. So how does a nerd stick out from the rest? Jared Rosen of Hot Pepper Gaming thinks he may have found his niche. 

He just launched a new gaming channel with a twist. Instead of simply covering the latest video games like everyone else, Jared first consumes a super hot habanero chili pepper.


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Jul 092013

The buzz surrounding the fifth iteration of the ultra popular Grand Theft Auto video game franchise continues to bubble over. 

Rockstar Games has just published this new video featuring official game play from the new massive open world game and it has instantly caught fire as one of the most popular videos of the day.

The game finally debuts September 17. Preorder now


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Jul 092013

Now that all the data from E3 has been laid out on the table, gamers have been carefully choosing their side in the latest console war. Even the musical nerds at AVbyte are getting in on the action, making this new musical to help nerd decide with console is best. 


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Jul 082013

A few weeks ago, French publication ParodiePub.fr went viral with their hilarious fail compilation with the addition of Street Fighter character Blanka as the fail troll. That video stands with over 850,000 hits

After such a viral success, they have stepped forward to calm the nerves of fans with a second episode in the series. 


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