Jul 112012

Every true Nintendo nerd knows there’s only 151 true Pokemon. The other million and a half (or is it two million by now?) are just bonus extras. 

And New York City based voice actress  just happens to be one of those nerds. She knows her original Pokemon so well, she can perform all their ‘voices.’ 

Her performance has captivated nerds, launching her two week old video into the viral realm with nearly 475,000 views currently.  


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Jun 282012

It used to be when you purchased a video game cartridge, that was it. There were no patches or downloadable content later. At first, the idea of DLC seemed nice, studios could fix bugs and add patches to bad gameplay with just a quick download.

But like all good comes a bad flip side. Companies realized they could offer cheats and bonus downloads, for a price. Quickly, DLC became a monster, and now it feels like the game must be purchased twice, once in the store, and a second time buying all the downloadable content.

Special effects channel  noticed the trend and published this spot on In Real Life parody of those annoying DLC pop ups.


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Jun 272012

Draw Something is the fun social game similar to an online version of Pictionary. The app has increasingly become more and more popular, so much so that the artists at BrainBowInc were inspired to create a Draw Something music video for John Mayer’s Queen of California

The new video is such a hit, John Mayer featured it on his Tumblr page, along with SanFranciscoGate and Mashable


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Jun 262012

Artist Chris Carlson, with the help of photographer Mike Larremore, spent 11 grueling hours on the sidewalk creating a beautiful Super Mario Bros. themed 3D art piece. The time lapse video is already featured on GameTrailers, Reddit, and WebProNews

Check out some extra pics and angles of the piece. 


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Jun 212012

This student video game trailer published by  last month just went viral today after being featured on Reddit and IndieGameMag.

In Perspective, gamers control a hybrid of a first person view typical in shooter games, and a 2D platformer. As you manipulate the perspective of the first person camera, the 2D platformer on the wall is affected, allowing the little man to traverse where once impossible. 


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