Jun 132013

Hollywood made a movie about Facebook, so why not make a movie about a smartphone game. That’s the premise behind top YouTuber Ryan Higa‘s new faux trailer Candy Crush The Movie.

Besides for Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, one of the most popular iPhone games is Candy Crush. Ryan loves the game, but has slowly become more and more obsessed. Now, things are getting out of control.


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Jun 102013

After Microsoft announced the new XBox One, fans erupted in anger over countless aspects of the new fourth generation gaming console. One of the biggest thorns in the XB1 is the new restrictive and complex used games policy.

Sony has just held their PlayStation 4 reveal where they made it clear they are taking a much different route for disc-based games. In this Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video, the host says, “This is how you share your games on PS4.”

He then hands it to his peer, who answers, “Thanks.” That’s it. 

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of countless MS fans rushing to Sony. 


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Jun 052013

Ahh, Tetris, one of the original games from video gaming‘s golden era. It’s truly amazing how much replay value the game has, as kids and adults alike are still trying to fill full rows of squares to delete them from the stack.

Computer nerd Michael Birken has gone viral updating the block stacking game by creating the Tetris Printer Algorithm. “By rotating, positioning and dropping a predetermined sequence of pieces,” the game can seemingly ‘print’ famous video game characters, such as Mario and Bubble Dragon.

The new video has already amassed over 150,000 hits, and is reviewed further on TheVerge, DailyWhat, and Kotaku


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Jun 032013

Popular special effects studio Corridor Digital has finally returned with a new action packed short film.

In Link’s Shadow, three hunters run into a dark demon in the woods like no other: Link’s Shadow. After barely escaping, the good Link from The Legend Of Zelda appears at the last moment to take on his polar opposite. 


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May 302013

CineFix loves their 8-bit style graphics and sounds from classic 80’s and 90’s video games like the original Mega Man.

As a homage to all things 8-bit, and as apart of their obsession with Hollywood, the movie nerds at CineFix retold Iron Man in just 60 seconds using Mega Man sprites, sounds, graphics.

Nostalgia nerds are eating it up, as the week old video stands with over half a million views, and is covered on InQuisitr, LaughingSquid, BlameItOnTheVoices, and MightyMega


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