Aug 222012

 and voice actor Jason Stephens have an on going series where Jason imitates famous Christopher Walken narrating old video game walkthroughs.

They dubbed the series Christopher Walkenthrough, and their latest cover of the original NES based Legend Of Zelda has gone viral this week, garnering over 100,000 hits, and is featured on GoNintendo, Dorkly, and TheFW


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Aug 172012

To help promote their new Mario Brothers platformer,  enlisted the help of the very beautiful Cruz sisters, Penélope and Mónica.

The two famous sisters play New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Nintendo 3DS, showing how two players can compete or cooperate during the same game with no wire while they search for one million coins. 


Thanks Gidi!

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Aug 112012

Since the dawn of Internet video, Nintendo and Mario has been at the forefront. But there’s only so many versions and covers of Mario’s theme music you can hear before it gets old and boring.

Thankfully, the nerdy juggling group  is actually creative enough to make some unique original content. They don’t simply play the classic Super Mario music.

No, they perform a one of a kind Nintendo themed juggling act perfectly in sync with all your favorite 8-bit tunes that will have any nerd jumping for stars.


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Aug 032012

Do you feel that? It’s that time again. That time when the next generation of video game consoles begin to debut. Nintendo will be first, as usual, with their new Wii U system. 

In honor of this (roughly) twice in a decade event, gaming obsessed Mega64 shows us how gamers react to next generation console news, comparing the glorious ‘good old days’ back in 1999 with now

As expected, today we’re a bunch of bratty, spoiled losers who are getting scammed by the new crappy technologies we don’t even like. 

The video is already featured on DVice, Reddit, and Dorkly


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Jul 302012

This Commodore 64 parody video was published over a month ago by gamer and 80′s obsessed  channel, but it has only just gone viral over the past weekend.

If kids these days even saw the original Grand Theft Auto, they would scoff at the relatively archaic graphics and sound. But that’s nothing compared to this spot on spoof of what GTA: Vice City would look like if it was released in the 80′s when the Commodore 64 golden era was taking place. 

The video is featured on RockStarGamesKotaku, and TheAwesomer.


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