Feb 252014
Epic Star Fox Battle Takes Place On Earth

What happens when the Star Wolf Team decides to take the space battle down to Earth? Star Fox and his crew go in right after them no matter the collateral damage.

That’s the premise behind this impressive CGI action video by video game nerd Warialasky

But com’n! Where’s Peppy calling out to do a barrel roll?


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Feb 242014
Street Fighter Car Insurance Commercial

This car insurance ad by Turkish insurance company Anadolu Sigorta has gone viral over the weekend with over 950,000 views!

While a man was discussing with a news reporter how he didn’t need car insurance, Ryu from Street Fighter 2 appeared and recreated the game’s famous bonus level by beating the heck out of his car.


Via TheAwesomer.

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Feb 232014
Real Life Flappy Bird In A Box Is Better Than The Original Video Game

Digital video games which were once only for nerds and geeks have gone mainstream. We all love video games, but there’s just something magical about a game in real life.

After the explosion of Flappy Bird, Fawn Qiu made a real life version in a box at the Tribeca Hack-athon using just an Arduino, two servo motors, a reed switch, and some magnets.  

Her real life version–inspired by the classic Mario in a box game–became an instant hit. Video demonstrating the game has gone viral online with over 1.4 million views!


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Feb 232014
Mario Kart Olympic Speed Skating

Olympic speed skating is pretty exciting, but it can quickly become repetitive. It could really use a little pizzazz. 

Thankfully, nerd channel TimTimFed added some Mario Kart spice to the sport. Fans will recognize iconic Mario Kart items, such as bananas and the famed spiny blue shell. 


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