Jan 062014
Video Game Theme Songs One Minute Mash Up

Musician Chad Neidt, most famous online for his one minute mash ups, turned to his nerdy side for his latest project

In just one minute, he quickly performs a medley of 16 famous video game theme songs, such as Halo, Pokemon, Mario of course, and more!


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Dec 252013
Trying To Get A High Five In Dayz

While playing the new multiplayer survival horror video game DayZ, 1TimeGames met one quite unfriendly gamer. 

After noticing another player, he raised his hand and asked for a high five. He basically received the exact opposite in return.

After posting the video on Monday, the short clip has exploded with over 1.7 million views!


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Dec 232013
6 Awesome Dreamcast Facts Stop Motion

After successfully reviewing ‘awesome’ facts about Nintendo and PlayStation, popular nerd channel Vsauce3 has returned to continue to the series. 

This time, they go back in time to review one of the hottest Christmas gifts of the past in a mesmerizing stop motion video, the Sega Dreamcast. 


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Dec 202013
Lara Croft, Master Chief, Assassin Kenway Battle Super Mario Short Film

It doesn’t matter how new and cool of a video game hero you are. No one messes with Super Mario.  

In this new short film, Powered Up, by special effects studio Corridor Digital, Lara Croft, Master Chief, and Assassin Kenway team up to steal Mario’s power ups. 

They ultimately pay the price. 

Mamma mia!


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