Nov 212013
Conan Plays World Of Warcraft And Comments On Championship Game At BlizzCon 13

It’s always entertaining to watch Conan O’Brien attempt to play and discuss video games, so it’s no surprise this video of Coco at BlizzCon 13 is a hit.

After trying his best to play the popular MMORPG World Of Warcraft, Conan met one of the championship teams, and even acted as a guest announcer for the final battle. 


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Nov 182013
Playing Madden Games Stereotypes

Dude Perfect is back with another hilarious episode in their ongoing stereotypes series

In honor of the next generation gaming systems finally hitting stores, the sports obsessed crew parody all the typical stereotypes of Madden players, such as the noob, the replayer, the rager, and more. 


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Nov 152013
Super Mario And Luigi In Real Life

Gamer channel Polaris is trending after debuting their dramatic new series of video game characters in-real-life, The Four Players.

The series has started with four videos, each showcasing a Super Mario Brothers icon. 

Naturally, The Fixer, staring Super Mario, and The Addict, featuring Luigi, are going the most viral. 

The Fixer:



The Addict:


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