Oct 212013
Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag The Musical

Popular musical group AVbyte has teamed up with parkour master Richie Rodriquez to produce this stunning new video fixated on the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag video game.

While running, climbing, and singing across the city, pirate Edward Kenway encounters the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow who joins in his musical number. 


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Oct 212013
Players Since 1995 PlayStation Commercial

The web loves nostalgia, with the most popular decade no doubt being the 90′s

Capitalizing on this fact, PlayStation is going viral with their brand new commercial, For The Players Since 1995.

Viewers are taken back to 1995 to rediscover the PlayStation 1 and travel forward in time following the subsequent iterations of the Sony video game console until the brand new PS4 of today. 


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Oct 202013
The Shining As An 8-Bit RPG Video Game

Movie obsessed CineFix is well known for their geeky ‘8-bit cinema’ parodies where they re-imagine classic movies with an old school video game twist.

In honor of Halloween, the crew took on the famous horror flick The Shining, envisioning the movie as a classic RPG. The spoof video has been trending over the weekend, and has amassed over 250,000 views so far!


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Oct 132013
Movie And TV Show References In Grand Theft Auto V

Movie-obsessed Cinema Sins constantly has the silver screen on the mind, so it’s no surprise they couldn’t help but notice countless movie and TV show references in the latest video game to take the world by storm, Grand Theft Auto V.

To help viewers out, they compiled clips from the game and added the familiar music and sounds to complete the homages. 


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Oct 092013
Pokemon The Musical

As most fans already know the theme song by heart, it’s only natural for the music nerds of AVbyte to perform their magic on Pokemon and give the series a musical boost. 

In anticipation of the new Pokemon X & Y games soon to debut, the crew created this Pokemon Musical which is instantly trending as it should. 

Gotta catch ‘em all! POKEMON


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