Aug 212013

The Internet loves going meta, so it’s only natural that this new video by FOX Sports is trending.

While hanging out with the one and only Mike Tyson, the camera crew challenged Mike to a boxing match. A virtual boxing match, that is, on the timeless video game Punch Out! for the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. For a non-gamer, Mike does a decent job of throwing the digital punches. 


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Aug 152013

It was only a matter of time. Finally, gamers can enjoy all the fun of Grand Theft Auto with millions of others in an ever expanding open online game. Rockstargames has just announced GTA Online, which is essentially GTA meets World of Warcraft.  

The trailer for the upcoming title has instantly caught fire in the gaming community. 


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Aug 102013

Back in the early days of video gaming, gamers truly had to harness the power of their imagination to make any sense of the dots and pixels on the screen. 

To demonstrate just how archaic it was really back then, Conan O’Brien and his friend Aaron travel back in time for his regular Clueless Gamer series to play classic Atari 2600 games


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Aug 072013

Japanese born Kenichi Ebina was one of the first to go viral on this season of America’s Got Talent. His first audition blew away the audience, judges, and the web with his outrageous Matrix-style robot dance that garnered over 10 million hits

As the competition has only becomes more fierce, Kenichi has pushed his skills to the max to perform in this incredible and original live video game scene that is so seamless, he appears as one of the characters in the game. 


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Aug 052013

Link maybe one of the most famous heroes in video game history, even if most people confuse him for Zelda. That makes Link’s master sword a perfect candidate for master blacksmith Tony Swatton to replicate on his popular Man At Arms series, published by Awe Me Channel


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