Feb 232014
Mario Kart Olympic Speed Skating

Olympic speed skating is pretty exciting, but it can quickly become repetitive. It could really use a little pizzazz. 

Thankfully, nerd channel TimTimFed added some Mario Kart spice to the sport. Fans will recognize iconic Mario Kart items, such as bananas and the famed spiny blue shell. 


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Feb 222014
Elders React To Flappy Bird

The buzz over Flappy Bird has finally subsided now that the game is no longer available on the App Store. 

Since it’s such a popular game that is both loved and hated tremendously, The Fine Brothers thought it would make for a perfect specimen to show to their group of elders and see how they react. 

As expected, their responses to the game are adorable and hilarious, and the now the video has gone viral over the weekend with over two million views and counting. 


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Feb 222014
Super Mario Theme Performed On Sheng Chinese Instrument

You’ve probably never heard of the Sheng, but it’s actually one of China’s oldest instruments, dating back to 1100 BC.

Li Jin Li performed the classic Super Mario Brothers theme song on the Sheng at the National Concert Hall in Taipeion, Taiwan, and it’s just awesome.

She even includes the iconic ‘coin’ sound effects! 

The video was posted by Asian YouTuber Nsofilm a week ago, but it has only exploded over the weekend now with over 350,000 views!


Via TastefullyOffensive.

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Feb 222014
‘Mario Seinfeld’ Is A Nerdy Nintendo Parody About Nothing

This new parody by gamer channel Esquire Bob Animations mashes two unlikely 1990′s fan favorites together: Seinfeld and Super Mario Brothers.

The CGI Mario characters actually look good, and the melding of the two franchises is done seamlessly. 

George Costanaza as Toad, Newman as Bowser, Mario as Jerry. It’s just perfect. 


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Feb 222014
Beating Super Mario Bros. With Only 500 Points

Back in 2011, gamer channel  accomplished the inconceivable. He beat the original Super Mario Bros. game on Nintendo with only 600 points! That video stands with over 2.5 million hits

Now, he has returned to beat his own record, scoring only 500 points after finishing the game. 


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