Mar 042014
Fight Club Would Have Mad An Awesome Super Nintendo Game

Fight Club would have made for an awesome side-scrolling smash ‘em up game for the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis.

Sadly, by the time the movie came out side-scrollers had fallen out of fashion in favor of the first wave of 3D games on the N64 and Playstation. 

Just for nerdy nostalgic fun, CineFix imagines what Fight Club the game would have looked like on the Super Nintendo in this new video


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Mar 012014
Video Game Medley Performed On Bottles

Remember the Bottle Boys? They last went viral performing the Disney classic Under The Sea using only bottles with varying amounts of water in them to create different notes. 

Now, they have returned in collaboration with It’s Big ! to bring the Web this epic video game medley. The cover all of the best gaming hits, including Zelda, Pokemon, Angry Birds, Tetris, and more!


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Feb 282014
Why Did People Love Flappy Bird

It seems that the buzz surrounding the simple smartphone game Flappy Bird exploded out of nowhere, and then just as quickly dissipated. 

But what was it about Flappy that was so addicting? Why did so many people love Flappy Bird so much?

Internet nerd Hank Green of Sci Show explains the brain science behind the gaming phenomenon in this trending video


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Feb 262014
Pokemon Pop Music Parody Medley

What started off as just a fad has snowballed into one of the largest gaming franchises to date: Pokemon. 

Geeky couple Screen Team last went viral after debuting their Christmas Themed Pop Music Medley which stands with over 3.1 million views

Now, they’ve merged recent pop music hits–such as TimberWake Me Up, and more–with Pokemon to create one nerdy Pokemon Pop Parody Medley of epic proportions.


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Feb 252014
Epic Star Fox Battle Takes Place On Earth

What happens when the Star Wolf Team decides to take the space battle down to Earth? Star Fox and his crew go in right after them no matter the collateral damage.

That’s the premise behind this impressive CGI action video by video game nerd Warialasky

But com’n! Where’s Peppy calling out to do a barrel roll?


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