Apr 232014
Fingersnapping Super Mario Theme Song

Sure, you can snap your fingers. But can you snap your fingers to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme song? Probably not. 

Swedish nerd Emil Axelsson can! Watch as he covers the classic Nintendo video game tune we all love with just his fingers. Nice. 


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Apr 212014
5 Oculus Rift Facts Stop Motion

When Facebook announced they were acquiring the young virtual reality company Oculus Rift, the Web exploded with both excitement and criticism.

To be clear up any confusion, Vsauce3 made this enlightening and entertaining stop motion animation to deliver 5 Oculus Rift facts


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Apr 192014
Pokemon Theme Song As An R&B Slow Jam

Pokemon is pure 1990’s. That inspired ScottBradlee and his band The Postmodern Jukebox to merge the theme song from the monster catching cartoon with another popular development of the 90’s, slow jam R&B music.

The result is an epic Pokemon slow jam that no one can refuse!


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Apr 182014
Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog

Back in the 90’s there were only two video game franchises to choose from: Super Mario or Sonic. Even those who were die-hard Nintendo fans could appreciate the fan paced blue hedgehog. 

List group All Time 10s covers 10 Little-Known Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog in this trending video


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Apr 182014
Super Mario Bros Theme Song on Wine Glasses

Dan Newbie has made a name for himself by performing music using only kitchen equipment and wine glasses.

He is trending again after putting on an impressive performance covering the classic Super Mario Bros. theme music using 48 wine glasses filled with varying amounts of water, two pencils, and a frying pan. 

How can the Internet refuse?


Via ViralViralForums

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