Jan 082014
This Is What An 8 Bit Version Of Pulp Fiction Would Look Like

Pulp Fiction is a true 90′s cult classic, so it makes perfect sense to reimagine the popular film as an 8-bit video game.

And that’s exactly what the movie buffs at Cine Fix did with this latest nerdy movie adaptation

The entire story is retold with boxy pixels and vintage sound effects in iconic 90′s video game style that has the Internet tickled with nostalgia!


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Jan 082014
Snoop Lion’s Get Away Music Video Is A Musical 8-Bit Video Game

This new music video by Snoop Lion, AKA Snoop Dogg, was published online by Westfesttv and is trending for its unique visuals and effects. 

Gamers will recognize classic 8-bit graphics and game-play that resembles the original Pokemon and more. 

The nerdy music video was posted last weekend, and has already amassed over 200,000 hits.


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Jan 072014
Console Wars Remix

So which system of the next generation consoles is the best?The debate continues.

The XBox One is a great all in one entertainment machine. The PS4 is an amazing gaming console. And Nintendo Wii U still has some of the best exclusive games on the market. 

In honor of the ‘console wars,’ remix master Lil Tommyj made this epic remix beat from the digital and real sounds of the new consoles. 

The video was actually posted in September, but has resurfaced now. 


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Jan 062014
Video Game Theme Songs One Minute Mash Up

Musician Chad Neidt, most famous online for his one minute mash ups, turned to his nerdy side for his latest project

In just one minute, he quickly performs a medley of 16 famous video game theme songs, such as Halo, Pokemon, Mario of course, and more!


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Dec 252013
Trying To Get A High Five In Dayz

While playing the new multiplayer survival horror video game DayZ, 1TimeGames met one quite unfriendly gamer. 

After noticing another player, he raised his hand and asked for a high five. He basically received the exact opposite in return.

After posting the video on Monday, the short clip has exploded with over 1.7 million views!


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