Sep 062013
Mirror’s Edge Parkour POV

In anticipation of the sequel for the popular Mirror’s Edge video game, YouTube channel Ampisound made this hair-raising Mirror’s Edge Parkour POV tribute video. In just two days, the new video has amassed over 750,000 views, and is covered on WebProNews, CheezBurger, and YouTubeTrends


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Sep 052013
Obnoxious Project Partner Won’t Stop Playing XBox

Could Eric Cartman be real?? Many viewers claim that, yes, he is real, and can be found in this newly trending video by spunkflunk.

The clip features a group of friends attempting to work on a skating project who are obstructed by an apparent real life Cartman character who won’t stop playing XBox and spilling junk food. 


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Sep 042013
3D Chalk Mario Kart In Real Life

Artist Chris Carlson of AWE me is well known for his amazing 3D chalk art. He recently went viral with his 3D Tetris stop motion video. 

Now, he has returned to one up himself with this 3D chalk stop motion animation of Yoshi from Mario Kart driving around the streets in real life


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Sep 032013
Get Lucky By Daft Punk Covered On Mario Paint Composer

The Daft Punk summer hit Get Lucky continues to trend online.

This time the techno pop song is covered by YouTuber Jeonghoon95 in one of the nerdiest ways possible. On the Mario Paint music composer. That takes real determination and musical know-how. 

After appearing on the front page of Reddit, and subsequently the front page of YouTube’s popular list, the cover video has accumulated over 350,000 views in just one day. 


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