Apr 282014
Snake Game 3D Chalk Art Stop Motion Will Blow Your Mind

Remember the Snake video game everyone used to have on their cellphones? Artist Chris of AWE me has brought the classic game back to life in a glorious 3D stop motion animation using nothing but chalk. How he accomplished the 3D effect is a mystery…


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Apr 282014
What Is Real? In 8-Bit Gaming

Everyone who took an intro philosophy class is familiar with Greek philosopher Plato and his famous piece Allegory of the Cave. Popular YouTube channel Thug Notes is trending after rejuvenating Plato’s work on realism in an 8-bit setting using the original Legend of Zelda as a canvas. Now, this is how you teach philosophy in the digital age!


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Apr 262014
Europe In 8 Bits Music Video

Europe in 8 Bits is a documentary about the growing trend of chip music in Europe. Chip music originated in the 80’s out of necessity. Computers and video games simply didn’t have the computing power to create traditional stereo music. So geeky chip music was born. Now, chip music is having a renewal in Europe.  

The opening titles for the documentary is wonderfully colorful, nerdy, and of course has that classic 8-bit look. It covers of a slew of classic video game consoles and computers that veteran gamers will recognize.  


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Apr 232014
Fingersnapping Super Mario Theme Song

Sure, you can snap your fingers. But can you snap your fingers to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme song? Probably not. 

Swedish nerd Emil Axelsson can! Watch as he covers the classic Nintendo video game tune we all love with just his fingers. Nice. 


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Apr 212014
5 Oculus Rift Facts Stop Motion

When Facebook announced they were acquiring the young virtual reality company Oculus Rift, the Web exploded with both excitement and criticism.

To be clear up any confusion, Vsauce3 made this enlightening and entertaining stop motion animation to deliver 5 Oculus Rift facts


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