Feb 182014
Street Fighter Red Tape: What is Ryu Really Saying

Ryu is one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter video game franchise. He has some really sweet moves and a cool karate outfit.

The one problem is, no one is quite sure what he is saying while he performs his special moves. As Pete Holmes demonstrates in this comedy sketch, that can be a problem for the legal team. 


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Feb 172014
The Jamaican Bobsled Team Song

The famous Jamaican bobsled team is back after 12 years of waiting. 

In honor of their team, the Jamaican tourist board put together this reggae song which apparently syncs up with the rhythms of the bobsled track itself. 

The video, titled The Bobsled Song, has an 8-bit retro feel, and has gone viral with over 300,000 views


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Feb 172014
6 Awesome Xbox One Facts Stop Motion

Popular nerd channel Vsauce3 has made a name for themselves in the video game community with their popular video game console stop motion videos. 

They’ve already covered the original Nintendo, the Sega Dreamcast, the original Playstation, and the new PS4 in eye-popping stop motion animations.  

But Vsauce is bipartisan. So they’ve just released this new stop motion featuring the PS4′s arch nemesis, the XBox One


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Feb 102014
Super Mario Doorbell Is Nerd Awesomeness

Want to show off your love for Nintendo? How about putting a Super Mario doorbell on your house!

Jo Tsai has made a custom doorbell that sounds the familiar chime when one collects a coin in the Super Mario games. There’s even a digital counter. Once you hit one hundred, the 1-UP sound can be heard as well. 


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Feb 102014
A Video About Video Game Graphics

Cubes are literally the essence of video game graphics. The first games were literally just tiny pixel squares bouncing around, such as Pong and Asteroid.

But we’ve come a long way since those days.

The Hamster Alliance tells the complete story of video game graphics in this short, Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics.


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