May 262015
Hypothetical Lego First Person Shooter Video Game Looks Awesome

Back in the mid 90’s when the technology was just good enough, Lego released their first 3D video game. Since then, Lego video games have become a standard genre. There are now countless Lego video games out there, some terrible and some actually quite good. But the one game everyone wants from Lego will most likely never be made as it’s too violent for the kid friendly brick building company.

Thankfully, Andrew M is able to show us what a Lego first person shooter game just might look like. Want to play! Lego Call of Duty? We can dream can’t we?


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May 242015
Mad Max Trailer Merged With Mario Kart

Action and movie fans are thrilled that the 1979 dystopian action movie Mad Max has been rebooted with the new release Mad Max: Fury Road. Nintendo fan Sundbergkr took the brand new trailer for the film and merged with with Mario Kart sounds and special effects. The results? A viral trailer for “Mario Kart: Fury Road” that has already garnered over 1.5 million views this weekend!


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May 142015
Nintendo Announces The Return Of Nintendo World Championships

Back in the 1990’s, Nintendo was on top of the world. The video game crash of the mid 1980’s left the industry in disarray, but the Japanese video game company emerged stronger than ever from the ashes. One of the coolest parts of 90’s was the Nintendo World Championships. After a 25 hiatus, Nintendo has officially announced the return of the tournament during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in this cheesy viral video. Classic. 


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May 112015
Teens Play Those Old Tiger Games From The 90′s

Today, kids are spoiled with high tech smartphones and video games that would be considered science fiction just ten years ago. Back in the 1990’s, kids were lucky if they had a Gameboy which only had shades of green for color. Unlucky kids were stuck with handheld so-called ‘video games’ by Tiger. They were cheap and they were everywhere. They were also total crap. 

The Fine Brothers wanted to see what teens of today thought of these Tiger games so they had a group of teenagers test drive a couple of the most popular Tiger games of the day. 


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May 092015
Conan Reviews The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The much anticipated third game in the RPG The Witcher series is set to debut later this month. Conan O’Brien and his nerd buddy Aaron got their hands on an early version of the game to give it one of Conan’s signature look overs. This hilarious video game review is one of this weekend’s top trending viral videos. 


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