May 212014
Admiral William H. McRaven Gives Commencement Speech At University of Texas

It’s that time of year again. Students are graduating from high school and college. And that means graduation and commencement speeches. Every summer, countless commencement speeches given by celebrities and politicians go viral. This speech at University of Texas at Austin stands out as it was given by Navy Admiral William H. McRaven.

The inspiring speech has already amassed over a quarter million views!


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May 192014
Americans Try Coke For The First Time

Can you believe it? Apparently, there are actual Americans who have never tasted Coca-Cola! How is that possible? Somehow, BuzzFeed found four of these rare patriots to offer them their first Coke experience. One thing’s for sure, at least some of them will be coming back for a second taste. 


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May 092014
Brazilian Kids Learn English By Video-Chatting With Elderly Americans

What better way to learn English than by chit-chatting online with grandfathers and grandmothers in America? That’s the idea behind FCB Brasil‘s adorable Speaking Exchange project. Brazilian kids and teens who are trying to learn English are set up with elderly Americans in retirement homes to video-chat with and practice their English speaking skills. It’s a win-win! 

This new video has already amassed over a quarter million views!


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May 082014
Father Arrested At School Board Meeting For Speaking Out Of Turn

William Baer, a father of child at a Gilford, New Hampshire school, was arrested for speaking out of turn at a school board meeting. He was upset over an inappropriate book assigned in class to his daughter. After his two minutes of public speaking were up, he continued to speak out until a police officer arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Naturally, a debate has erupted online whether it was right to arrest the father. This WMUR video of the scene has since gone viral over the week with over 750,000 hits!

Read more on CBS, Fox, and HuffPost


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May 052014
Explanation Why We Must Defend Net Neutrality

Many online users may be familiar with the term ‘net neutrality’ as it and SOPA were hot topics in 2012. Sadly, the neutrality of the Internet is again in jeopardy. Certain internet service providers are trying to gain legal leverage over the speed of data they offer consumers.

Why does this matter? As CGP Grey explains, if given the power, Internet companies could slow down access to their competitors’ sites while giving high speeds to the sites they own or that pay them a fee. The future looks grim. 

Tell the FCC to reclassify broadband internet as a common carrier telecommunications service.”


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