May 082014
Father Arrested At School Board Meeting For Speaking Out Of Turn

William Baer, a father of child at a Gilford, New Hampshire school, was arrested for speaking out of turn at a school board meeting. He was upset over an inappropriate book assigned in class to his daughter. After his two minutes of public speaking were up, he continued to speak out until a police officer arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Naturally, a debate has erupted online whether it was right to arrest the father. This WMUR video of the scene has since gone viral over the week with over 750,000 hits!

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May 052014
Explanation Why We Must Defend Net Neutrality

Many online users may be familiar with the term ‘net neutrality’ as it and SOPA were hot topics in 2012. Sadly, the neutrality of the Internet is again in jeopardy. Certain internet service providers are trying to gain legal leverage over the speed of data they offer consumers.

Why does this matter? As CGP Grey explains, if given the power, Internet companies could slow down access to their competitors’ sites while giving high speeds to the sites they own or that pay them a fee. The future looks grim. 

Tell the FCC to reclassify broadband internet as a common carrier telecommunications service.”


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May 042014
President Obama’s Speech At 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Every year, the President of the United States joins the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to add an extra layer of jokes and fun. This year was no different with President Obama offering a hilarious speech about the past year’s media fiascoes, news, and issues. C-SPAN posted the entire speech, including the prerecorded intro with Joe Biden and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which is obviously trending online. 


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May 022014
Marines Watching And Singing ‘Let It Go’ Will Melt Your Heart

We all have a Disney princess inside of us. Even the tough Marines do. Though the hype over Disney’s smash hit Frozen has ended online for the most part, many troops serving didn’t have the chance to see the animated film in theaters. Now that the movie has hit DVDs, even the Marines are getting their Let It Go on. 

Marine Bill Nuche posted this adorable video of him and a few of his buddies watching the famous Let It Go scene, and now it has exploded online. Bill has since taken the video down after being requested by upper-command, but as he says it’s too late now to stop it. 

Piers Mettrick is just one person to reupload the video which in just one day the video has amassed over a quarter million views!


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Apr 282014
The Star-Spangled Banner Sang In A Minor Key

The Star Spangled Banner is usually sung in a major key. Singer Chase Holfelder wondered how the famous patriotic tune would sound in a minor key, so he decided to find out himself. What do you think? Is the national anthem better or worse in minor? 


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