Oct 102012

It may seem like bad planning by the fathers of this great country, but it’s actually possible for the election for the president of America to end in a tie.

When a citizen votes, that vote goes to their district in the electoral college. But there are 538 votes in the college, an even number.  asks the great question, “What happens if it ends in a tie?”

Not so surprisingly, a whole bunch of a bureaucratic nonsense takes place instead of common sense.  


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Oct 102012

You may have heard of GMO’s, and that they are bad for some reason, but you might be a little cloudy on the facts.

Giant agriculture companies, like US based Monsanto, are genetically altering the DNA of common foods like corn to naturally create their own insecticides.

That sounds great for farmers, but what results do these new foods have when eaten by animals or people?

Of course, these huge corporations say the GMO’s are fine, but others, like organic health food store , think otherwise. If GMO’s are no big deal, why are these companies standing so strong against passing legislation that would require GMO foods to be labelled as such?

In California, they are voting on Prop 37 to let the consumer finally choose, and now the PSA is going viralviral. 


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Oct 082012

When someone decides to serve their country, people often forget the sacrifice their whole family has to endure. One such family is the Faile family from South Carolina.

Their husband and dad Sergeant First Class Scott Faile had been serving over seas for a very long time, so when the family was honored on the field at this past weekend’s Gamecocks game, they naturally became emotional when they saw Scott give a touching message on the jumbo video board. 

What they never expected was after the message for Scott to appear home from war early to greet them with open arms as the crowd cheered like crazy. 

This is America. 


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Oct 042012

The Gregory Brothers originally got their first kick off auto-tuning the news and recent political events for their Auto-Tune The News series.

With the first presidential debates for 2012 election now over, the group has returned to their roots with a ‘songified‘ highlights reel from last night’s debate. “May the best voice win.”


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Sep 292012

This powerful video was published back in March, but has just surged in viewership now after being picked up by the blogsphere.

Popular sites like TheDailyWhat, HyperVocal, MostWatched, and 22Words all showcase the story published by  about Portland Trail Blazers rookie Meyers Leonard.

After his father passed when he was only six, Meyers only had his mom and his slightly older big bro to look up to for support and guidance.

Though only older by 22 months, Bailey even says that he felt like a father figure for Meyers while they were growing up. 

Now that Bailey is a marine in Afghanistan, and Meyers is just about to start in NBA, they both have to stand up by themselves.

Meyers was obviously extremely worried about his big brother’s safety, so when Bailey surprise visited him from the Middle East during ball practice, Meyers was really shocked and let it all out. 

The powerful story is further featured on ESPN and OregonLive


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