Jul 152013

Remember the interracial Cheerios commercial that went viral and stirred up a storm of controversy around it? Well, the The Fine Bros showed the advert to their Kids React line up to see how children of today react to the ‘controversy.’

As expected from kids growing up in a country with a biracial president, they don’t get what all the fuss is about


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Jul 142013

Like everything else online, the outrage over the mass NSA spying of Americans that was recently leaked has passed to make room for the next day’s headlines. 

To keep the conversation going Sqorck made this eye-opening computer animation inspired by the famous Pixar desk lamp short that previews their feature films. 

Instead of ‘PIXAR’ being stomped on by a desk lamp though, a cartoon security camera stomps on the U of ‘USA’ to instead create ‘NSA.’ 

Now, the new animation short has amassed over 1.3 million views since debuting over the weekend. 


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Jul 112013

Do voters even know what laws they are supporting anymore?

In an attempt to demonstrate how utterly far the country has fallen, controversial Internet personality Mark Dice went around a California beach asking passersby to sign a petition to repeal The Bill of Rights.

Terrifyingly, Mark was able to find more than a few zombies to sign the petition to repeal and modernize the Bill of Rights to make it a piece of legislation on par with the NDAA and the Patriot Act. 

Unsurprisingly, the only person had the insight to tell Mark ‘You’re crazy, and I won’t even talk to you’ was a military vet who knows how important our constitutional rights are. 


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Jul 112013

The new YouTube channel XtremeWineProduction has gone viral! The comedy group published this video, titled Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine, in which the 80’s dressed, American loving host demonstrates a slew of dangerous forms of opening a bottle of wine. 

Though it was published a week ago, the video has gone viral now, garnering over 150,000 new views, and appearing on LaughingSquid, Gizmodo, and HuffPost


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Jul 052013

Sadly, it has become near tradition for at least one fireworks disaster to occur on the 4th of July. This year, the fireworks demonstrations at Simi Valley experienced a malfunction, causing the entire display to go off at once. Camstack1 was only 50 feet away from the explosion, but escaped unharmed. 


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