Dec 052012

 asks a very important question that is very telling of the times. Can Texas secede from the Union? Unsurprisingly, Texas has actually–for realz–tried to secede in the past, and the Supreme Court even ruled states cannot secede. But, what if? 


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Dec 032012

Now is the season for Christmas cheer and song, and  is helping spread the holiday spirit by posting this viral flash mob video last week

In an unnamed shopping mall in America, one lady in the food court began singing O Come All Ye Faithful, and soon the entire mall was singing classic Christmas tunes. Sure, most of the scene was pre-planned, but that doesn’t take away from the nice sentiment. 


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Nov 252012

Remember the College Humor viral video ‘Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends,’ the sarcastic response to the many states that still don’t allow gay marriage. Gay men answered that they’ll just marry all the straight men’s girlfriends, since they are more attentive to her needs. 

Over the weekend,  went gone viral in their own right spoofing the original concept. Instead of threatening men that they will marry their girlfriends, gay women make the opposite threat that if gay marriage isn’t legal, they’ll just marry all the straight women’s boyfriends. 

Can’t argue with logic like that. Already, the video stands with over 175,000 views, and is featured on DailyOfDay, AndPop, and VideoSift


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Nov 232012

Video artist  traveled to uncharted rivers in Alaska for his latest masterpiece. He and his crew flew boat airplanes to extremely remote parts of the great state and took in all the beauty for eleven days of hiking, fishing, and nature. He captured it all on a Canon 5D Mark III; the best of which is featured in this new trending video


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Nov 192012

Back in June, Carly Rae Jepsen‘s hit single Call Me Maybe was just starting to become a viralviral sensation. Like so many other people online, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders made their very own dance music video to the catchy tune which currently stands with over 14 million views.

Now, over seven months later, US troops in Afghanistan have sent  their own Call Me Maybe dance music video, a near perfect recreation of the cheerleaders’ choreography


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