Aug 262013

NASA has some seriously ambitious plans in case an asteroid ever flies by Earth. Instead of publishing long, boring reports the public isn’t interested in, NASA correctly chose to debut their Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept as an exciting animation.

Already, the new CGI video has garnered over 300,000 views, and is further covered on DVice, YouTubeTrends, io9, and RedOrbit.


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Aug 212013

Even though America doesn’t have universal healthcare, we still pay more as a nation in taxes for medical care than any other developed nation with actual universal coverage. 

This got John Green of the the popular Vlog Brothers wondering, Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? Good question. As expected, there is no simple answer as there are a multitude of overlapping reasons costs are so high. 

As health care in America is such a controversial subject, John’s new video is trending across the web. 


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Aug 132013

Baracks Dubs, the YouTube channel specializing in mashing up and dubbing the President of the United States, has returned again. This time, Barack Obama ‘sings’ Demi Lovato’s new hit single Made In The USA


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Aug 052013

Schmoyoho, AKA the Gregory Brothers, have looked inwards and found their roots, finally debuting a new Auto Tune The News music video of recent current events that kick-started their online careers so many years ago.

In this episode, titled Flying Robots, Joe Biden, Rand Paul, Jon McCain, and other politicians ‘sing’ and discuss the Second Amendment and the recent news that the NSA is tracking all Internet and telephone transactions of innocent Americans. 


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