Oct 042013
British California Road Trip, San Francisco To Los Angeles

Have you ever wanted to travel across California, but couldn’t? Well now you can from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. 

British YouTuber James Bragg took a two week road trip across California’s Highway One, hitting up all the best sights and attractions. 

He put together this captivating and unique tour guide-style video from all the footage of his trip that rivals most programs on the Travel Channel.


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Oct 022013
Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers


As most people (hopefully) know by now, the Federal government has been shut down. Though Congress is still being paid, that means that countless non-essential Federal workers have been furloughed. 

Why non-essential workers exist in the first place is a question for another time. 

Conan wanted to stand in solidarity with the Federal government, so he decided to layoff non-essential workers on his late night program as well. 


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Sep 232013
Army Captain Surprises Daughter At Wisconsin Badger Football Game

Do military family reunions ever get old online? Of course not! Who can resist a touching family moment between people who sacrifice so much for their country?

At a recent Wisconsin Badgers game, 8th grader Bella was honored as being part of such a family.

Her mother, Captain Jane Renee “JR” Lund, had been serving in Afghanistan for too long, but little did Bella know that she was in for a big surprise at the game

As usual, get the tissues. 


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Sep 202013
Ordering Pizza In 2015 Demonstrates The End Of Personal Privacy

This eye-opening video by Andrei Bart was posted in 2010, but is experiencing new viewership after being featured on TastefullyOffensive

The clip demonstrates how ordering pizza in the future will be after nearly all government and corporate personal data is terrifyingly merged. 

As the pizza place will most likely have access to your banking information, health data, and more, ordering the ‘double meat special’ will cost extra as you will have to cover for your high cholesterol. 

Are all these gizmos, social networks, and technology worth the prices? Only time will tell. 

The clip is actually inspired by an original ACLU video published in 2009 with the same premise. 


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Sep 182013
US Air Force Woman Grabs Fellow Soldier’s Crotch While Being Tazed

Nearly every member of the military goes through the same strenuous tests to become a soldier. This often includes being tear gassed and/or tazered in a controlled environment to become accustomed to the pain one might experience on the battlefield. 

While this Air Force volunteer was being tazered during training, she made an involuntary vice grip like so many tazer victims do. The problem was, she grabbed onto her fellow soldier’s crotch, causing him to experience perhaps more pain than she did. 

Bobbi Moreland caught the whole scene on camera, and now the video is going viral after being featured on DailyPicks, Gawker, and Mirror.  


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