Jan 302016
Army Ranger Buys Two Kids Food At Taco Bell After


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Jan 282016
Idiot Destroys Rare Coin Worth Potentially Quarter Million Dollars

If you ever find an old coin that you think could be valuable there is only one thing to do. Do nothing! Don’t wipe it, don’t rub it, don’t try to clean it. All that handling destroys all of the potential value of the antique. 

One fool thought he could make a rare coin valued around $100,000 dollar better by cleaning it. What he did was destroy 90% of the value. 


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Jan 132016
Korean Girls Try American BBQ For The First Time

America has some of the best foods in the world. Burgers, fries, pizza, hot dogs, BBW, we’ve got it all. BBQ, like so many other foods on this list, was reborn from recipes immigrants brought with them from the old world and remastered into the delicious, smokey yumminess that it has become to today. Sadly, American style BBQ is not that common in South Korea. So Digitalsoju decided to show some Korean girls what they have been missing. 


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Dec 072015
The USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob

Just because this video is a year old doesn’t make it any less entertaining. Last year, The United States Air Force Band surprised guests at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum with a very magical flash mob. After one airwoman began playing music, countless others in the crowd dropped their coats to reveal that they were also members of the Air Force and played some beautiful Christmas music. This video is trending now more than ever with over 750,000 new views!


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Nov 252015
Billionaire Buys Dinner For 400 US Soldiers Traveling At Ireland Airport

Everyone knows that airports seem to be in their own economic world. Small things like a bagel or coffee can easily climb to over $5. Realizing this, one charitable billionaire decided to buy a large group of US soldiers lunch while traveling at the airport in Shannon, Ireland. LA businessman Shlomo Rechnitz says was inspired by the selflessness of the soldiers, so he decided to pay $50 for each of them to get a nice meal while waiting for the next leg of their flight. This video has gone viral with over 250,000 hits!


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