Sep 062013
700 Ton Ship Flips And Stands Upright In The Ocean

Rick Scheu posted this video in April, but it is trending now more than ever with over 465,000 views.

The video features a very special type of ship that functions as an open ocean research vessel owned by the Office of Naval Research and operated by the Marine Physical Laboratory of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 

The 335 foot long vessel can flip upright and seemingly stand in the water in order to conduct research concerning wave science. 


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Sep 042013
Ask A Slave

The brand new web series Ask A Slave was created by Jordan Black who works as a living history character at the historical site George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

As the NYU grad has heard more than her fair share of ridiculous questions while playing the role of a slave for George Washington, she decided to make her own web series where she answers the inquiries for the whole Internet to hear. 


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Aug 302013
Four Year Old With Leukemia Sings ‘God Bless America’ At Fenway Park

Singing God Bless America at the MLB ballpark is a patriotic custom that most spectators now expect. But the rendition at Fenway Park on Tuesday was extra special, as four year old Darla Holloway who is battling cancer belted out an awesome cover of GBA that got the crowd cheering on their feet.

And it must have been special as the Red Sox mopped the Orioles 13-2.  


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Aug 262013

NASA has some seriously ambitious plans in case an asteroid ever flies by Earth. Instead of publishing long, boring reports the public isn’t interested in, NASA correctly chose to debut their Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept as an exciting animation.

Already, the new CGI video has garnered over 300,000 views, and is further covered on DVice, YouTubeTrends, io9, and RedOrbit.


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Aug 212013

Even though America doesn’t have universal healthcare, we still pay more as a nation in taxes for medical care than any other developed nation with actual universal coverage. 

This got John Green of the the popular Vlog Brothers wondering, Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? Good question. As expected, there is no simple answer as there are a multitude of overlapping reasons costs are so high. 

As health care in America is such a controversial subject, John’s new video is trending across the web. 


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