Mar 262014
44 Facts About the U.S. Presidents

Did you know that experts believe that George Washington was our richest president. His net worth in today’s dollars is estimated around half a billion dollars!

John Green of Mental Floss covers this and 43 other interesting facts about US presidents in this new video


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Mar 172014
Canadian Healthcare VS U.S. Healthcare

There are many myths surrounding the healthcare systems of both Canada and the United States. There are proponents on each side claiming they have the better system. 

A U.S. Senate subcommittee recently asked a panel of experts and doctors to contrast the two systems.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders posted this segment from the debate which has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million hits!

Which system do you prefer?


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Mar 022014
What This Boy Did After Finding $20 Will Leave You Misty Eyed

Steve Hartman of the CBS Evening News brings us this touching story.

Eight year old Myles Eckert was very excited when he walked into the Cracker Barrel with his family for lunch. He had just found a $20 bill in the parking lot.

But instead of buying a video game or candy, Myles decided to give his new found treasure away to a soldier he saw in the restaurant. 

Lt. Col. Frank Dailey will never forget the note that came with the cash.

“I look at it every day,” Dailey says.


Via MostWatched

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Feb 192014
50 Interesting Facts About The 50 State Capitals

The last time you studied the states and their capitals was most likely in grade school. In case you were interested in brushing up on your American geography and US trivia, John Green of Mental Floss covers 50 Interesting Facts About The 50 State Capitals in this new video. 


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Feb 172014
The World’s Fastest Jet Powered Truck

What’s more American than a 1950’s Chevy truck? How about a 1950’s Chevy truck equipped with not one, but three jet engines!

 Barcroft TV reports that the 1957 ‘Shockwave’ generates 36,000 horsepower, can cover a quarter mile in 6.5 seconds, and has been labeled the world’s fastest jet powered truck


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