Aug 052012

All kids know what sound the turkey makes, but who knew that turkeys knew it too? If you ‘moo’ at a cow or ‘oink’ at a pig, odds are, the animals isn’t going to ‘answer’ your call.

But amazingly, this gaggle of turkeys in the Middle East instantly respond when an Arabic man performs a loud turkey sound


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Mar 272012

This ‘edgy’ Turkish shampoo commercial has been making its rounds online for the past week, and people aren’t happy with it. The short advertisement features none other than Adolf Hitler screaming, probably because he’s having a bad hair day.

Now, the shampoo company, Biomen, is in hot water after the video went viral across the globe. The video is featured on Buzzfeed. Read more on DailyMail.


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Mar 152012

Reportedly, flares were banned at the last soccer game in Turkey. How did the Turks respond? By giving the authorities the middle finger.

They pulled an enormous sheet with a troll face on it, while hundreds of flares were fired underneath so the launchers would remain anonymous. Don’t mess with European’s football. The video exploded after being featured on the front page of Reddit.


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Nov 232011

It was only a year ago when EpicMealTime created their delicious monstrous TurDucKen inside of a whole pig creation for Thanksgiving. Not wanting to be outdone from last year, EMT brought things to a whole nother level. They invited a bunch of YouTube stars to party hard with ten of their ‘bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird… in a pig’ yummy creations.


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