Feb 242014
Street Fighter Car Insurance Commercial

This car insurance ad by Turkish insurance company Anadolu Sigorta has gone viral over the weekend with over 950,000 views!

While a man was discussing with a news reporter how he didn’t need car insurance, Ryu from Street Fighter 2 appeared and recreated the game’s famous bonus level by beating the heck out of his car.


Via TheAwesomer.

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Dec 312013
Wild Turkey Chases UPS Guy Around FedEx Truck

Snow Biggie was in the cafeteria of the University of Minnesota Hospital for some lunch when someone noticed a battle taking place outside. 

A wild turkey was stalking the UPS man who was forced to run around the FedEx truck. Soon, countless doctors, nurses, and interns were crowded around the window watching the chase.

Ya, that happened. 


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Nov 282013
Thanksgiving Turkey Explosion Prank

Not all YouTube pranksters are offering charity this Thanksgiving. 

Roman Atwood decided to invite his closes relatives for a nice holiday turkey dinner. Or so they thought.

He set up some type of explosive device under the turkey which went off in the middle of dad’s prayer.  


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Nov 132013
The Turkey Song By Dickie Stickhead

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means the Internet is about to be showered with Turkey Day-themed videos. 

Country singer Dickie Stickhead is getting a head start on the holiday viral videos with his brand new The Turkey Song music video. 

Purchase the song here


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Apr 112013

ThePoultron posted this video over two years ago, but it has only gone viral now. A Middle Eastern turkey farmer stands in a packed barn full of turkeys. Whenever he calls out, the birds all gobble in unison as some form of response. This is how dictators are created. 


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