Oct 212013
Honda CR-V Optical Illusion Commercial

To promote the new Honda CR-V equipped with a new efficient diesel engine, Honda commissioned this eye-popping commercial

Filmed in the city of Zaragoza, Spain, the commercial features mind-bending optical illusions that has impressed online viewers. 

The ad has been featured on TheAwesomer, InspirationRoom, and b3ta


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Oct 172013
Ghe-O Rescue SUV Puts The Hummer To Shame

Romanian Ghe-O Motors has recently debuted their new Ghe-O Rescue SUV, and the web is quite impressed. The beast of a rescue vehicle puts the hummer to shame, easily conquering any off road obstacle put in its way. 

This showcasing video has garnered over 350,000 views, and is further reviewed on AutoBlog, Slate, FoxNews, and TopGear


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Oct 102013
Running Of The Bulls Chase Volvo Truck Commercial

After their first two viral promotional videos, Volvo Trucks is back with a third live test to demonstrate the exclusivity of their new trucks. 

To promote the agility and maneuverability of their new Volvo FL, they had their reddest truck flee from a herd of running bulls in the twisting streets of Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain.

The video is already featured on AutoEvolution, TheAwesomer, and LATimes


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Sep 302013
Floating Water Bridge In Russia Is A Daring Drive

As the web knows to well, the rules of the road are much different in Mother Russia

Andrew Semushin experienced this fact first hand as he attempted to drive over a rickety pontoon water bridge to cross the Nadym River.

His dash camera caught the entire nail-biting drive as the ‘road’ sank when huge truck attempted to pass him, and water flooded and stalled a car in front of him. 


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Sep 232013
Hamster Drives 15 Ton Volvo Truck

At the start of the month, Volvo president Claes Nilsson went viral by brazenly standing on one of his new trucks as it was hanging from giant crane. That commercial has already garnered over 2.2 million views

Now, Volvo continues to trend online. 

To demonstrate the smooth and effortless power steering on their brand new Volvo FMX trucks, world famous Swedish auto company commissioned this shocking experiment. 

With an adorable hamster on a special hamster-wheel connected to the steering, one daring driver influenced the cute rodent to direct the giant 15 ton truck through a rough quarry. 

And it seems the web is impressed as the two week old commercial has amassed over 4.3 million views already!


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