May 032013

The Western Internet is pretty far removed the Russian web, but every now and then a major viral video originating from Russia with makes its way over. For some reason, nearly all of them are negative, brutal, ridiculous, outrageous, and caught on a car‘s dash camera. 

ArkadiYM93 has had enough of all the negative, so they published this ultimate Russian being good people caught on dash cams. It’s a nice change from the norm, but just as intense.

It’s still Russia after all. 

The video’s Russian description roughly translate to, “Any action can be the most gracious, if there is no self-interest. Do the good deeds.”

Music is Arrival of the birds & Transformation by The Cinematic Orchestra.


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Apr 302013

Popular YouTubers Rhett and Link have returned to their roots, and have finally created another incredibly cheesy-to-the-point-it-becomes-amazing local business commercial. 

Arlen’s Transmission in Burbank, California was lucky enough to receive the R&L treatment, being treated to a new ridiculous commercial tailor made for the owner’s personality.

And boy did they succeed. 

What resulted what the catchiest, cheesiest music video/commercial ever, entitled Shift It


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Mar 212013

This video of a Taiwanese truck driver unloading his cargo has gone viral across the web. The driver uses an ingenious technique to drop off his three tons of bamboo by harnessing the power of inertia by simply backing up and stopping short a number of times. 


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Feb 042013

It seems many advertisers have turned away from the typical commercials we’ve come to expect from them for far more serious, emotional ones that touch the soul.

Budweiser first went viral with their serious Clydesdale horse commercial they released before the big game.

Now, Dodge Ram is following in their footsteps with this emotional and spiritual sermon how God made a farmer. And farmers need a good Ram truck.


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