Nov 142013
Jean-Claude Van Damme Performing Split Between Two Moving Volvo Trucks

Volvo continues to debut viral commercials.

Their latest may be one of their most dramatic, and features action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a complete split with his feet supported only by the side-view mirrors of two moving Volvo semi-trucks travelling in reverse. 

The commercial was filmed in one take, and has instantly gone viral with over 2 million views and counting!


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Nov 062013
Car Thief Goes On Car Crash Rampage After Rear Ending Cab In Chicago

Apparently this criminal learned all he knows from Grand Theft Auto.

After rear ending a cab on Belmont Avenue in Chicago, the driver of the Nissan SUV refused to stop, and attempted to flee. But the cabbie wasn’t having it, and blocked his path. 

So what did the criminal do? He went on a crash rampage, hitting four other cars as he tried to escape from the scene. 

Why would he care when he reportedly stole the Nissan in the first place? 

But don’t worry. Redditor Crazy Genius explains that the suspect was arrested after crashing into a tree down the road. 

The trending video is further featured on DNAInfo, RedEyeChicago, and Chicagoist


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Nov 052013
Paying For People’s Gas

YouTube’s newest charity channel Give Back Films has returned to uplift the hearts and souls of online viewers, and, more importantly, to help people needing a boost. 

For their latest philanthropy, they simply walked up to strangers at the gas pump, and offered to fill their tanks. No questions asked and no catch. Just free gas. 

Naturally, the drivers couldn’t believe their luck. 


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Nov 032013
Recovery Of SUV Stuck In Mud Goes Seriously Wrong

This dramatic clip from the Australian rugged expedition television show All 4 Adventures has gone viral. 

While searching for new fishing spots on the coast, adventurers Jase and Simon got stuck in a sticky situation. Literally. 

One of the SUV’s quickly sunk in wet mud while attempting to cross some water tracks. With the tide coming in fast and help six hours away, their only option was to pull it out with the other truck

That’s when things went from bad to worse. 


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Oct 302013
Crashed Car Rolls Down Ditch After Tow Truck Driver Flips It Upright

NSFW Warning Language

This new short video by Nickymca has gone viral with over 100,000 views already. The clip features a tow truck driver who successfully flipped a crashed Mazda on its side back upright.

But he failed to set the car’s brakes before hand… 

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”


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