Jul 112013

There’s nothing better than hearing that familiar music of the ice cream truck on a hot summer‘s day, signifying that you will soon be enjoying some delicious frozen fat.  

Knowing this, popular prankster Roman Atwood and his trusty sidekick Dennis Roady drove around town in an ice cream truck luring customers hoping for a cool treat.

Instead, the pranksters offered their customers broccoli, apples, and other fresh produce. Most were not pleased. Tears were shed and swear words were sworn. 

Don’t mess with an American and their ice cream. 

But don’t worry, in the end they gave them the good stuff for free. 


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Jul 022013

The web is peppered with race car drifting videos, but racer Michiel Becx is turning things up a notch with this latest video of his that is now going viral. 

At the epic playground from Fursten Forest in Germany, Michiel drifts and burns major rubber in a 1100 HP semi-truck. The video by Edwin Kuijpers is less than a week old, but stands with over 200,000 hits already. 


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Jun 302013

Just over a week ago, Salvage Princess published this video of a slew of mid-20th century classic American cars. Now, the video stands with over half a million views

In Piercve, Nebraska, the camerawoman and her crew of VanDerBrink Auctions had the once in a life time opportunity to open a Chevy dealer time capsule from the 1960′s. 

The Lambrecht Chevrolet Company closed over 4 decades ago, leaving some off-the-factory-floor new Chevy’s in perfect condition. Some cars only have one mile on them with plastic wrap still covering the seats.

Everything will be auctioned on Sept. 28th and 29th in Piercve.


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Jun 082013

There’s nothing like a broken traffic light at a busy intersection to slow down your commute. Especially before the police get there to put up stop signs and take control of the situation, traffic ends up going nowhere as few want to take the initiative that might result in higher insurance costs.

Lucky for Toronto, they have citizens who seem to care.

At around afternoon rush hour, the light at the Dufferin and Steeles busy intersection went out. Traffic was a mess, but quickly, twenty-one year old jumped into action, conducting traffic like a pro-traffic cop until the real police arrived on the scene. 

B4effect actually published the good Samaritan video over a year ago, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over 330,000 hits over the past few days. 


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Jun 082013

It’s terrifying to imagine, but, apparently, bears have figured out how to open car doors simply by using the door handle. The CBC reports that Canadian “conservation officers have received four calls about bears breaking into cars, including one involving a Porsche.”

Now, authorities believe Rebecca Moore may have caught the culprit on camera after she posted new video titled BearJacked on YouTube

Early Tuesday morning, they heard a noise outside. Just as they started rolling the camera, they caught the bear stand up on its hind legs, and open the rear truck door “just easy as anything.”

The viral video is also covered on Jalopnik, HuffPost, and DailyPicksAndFlicks


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